Never Had It Radio Playoff Predictions

By Princess Cooper
Jan. 07, 2017

Well, it is Wildcard Weekend Eve! And, I love it. Two games tomorrow and two on Sunday.....WIN OR GO HOME! If you are any type of Football Fan, this is the best time of the NFL. 

Throughout the week, I have posed the question to our Radio Show Guest to give their expert opinions on this year's NFL Playoff Bracket. Most are looking for the sexy match-up of Dallas v New England, or even Dallas v Pittsburgh. As a Cowboy fan, I don't care who shows up on the AFC side, I just want to see the Cowboys make a run and win the Super Bowl. I am so tired of my Steeler friends yelling 6. We all know that means until you get six championships, you cannot compare your team to mine. But, I have definitely digressed. The following is a consensus of the radio show game by game. 

Texans v Raiders

This has to be the best coaching job of Bill O'Brien's NFL Career. With so many injuries to the team and signing a QB that has not lived up to the expectation, O'Brien has managed to make Clowney a Pro Bowler and win with a QB Carousel of Osweiler and Savage. The Raiders have had a Cinderella-like season where David Carr, Amari Cooper, and Khalil Mack have lived up to all the hype. Jack Del Rio has coached himself to a possible COY Award. And, then the worst happened and Carr breaks his leg. Connor Cook is on deck as the starter on Saturday. I just don't know if the defense of the Raiders can do enough to cover Cooks performance after not taking a snap in the regular season. Prediction 17-10

Lions v Seahawks

Congratulations Matthew Stafford for having a banner year when it comes to making the playoffs. And, just think if he didn't have a bad finger on that throwing hand, he and the Lions may not have limped into the playoffs. And, congratulations to Coach Caldwell for surviving another season at the helm of an NFL Team. But, I don't give them much of a chance in Seattle against the Seahawks or the 12th Man. Hard to win there. Hard to be productive against that defense. Sherman, Bennett, and crew will make up for any mishaps the Seattle Offense will have. Prediction: Seahawks 21-7

Steelers v Dolphins

Even if Tannehill was playing I would pick the Steelers at home or in Miami. But, there is no Tannehill. Matt Moore is starting, and I don't think Ajayi can run for enough yards to eek out a win at Heinz Field. Yes, I know every team has a chance when you are in the NFL. But, this is the NFL Playoffs; a different level. It is also Ben Roethlisberger at QB for the Steelers. And, he is one of maybe four QBs that you kill to have going into the Playoffs. With Bell and Brown, it would not surprise me if this team ends up in the Super Bowl. And, I have not mentioned Tomlin and his coaching effect or their defense. Prediction: Steelers 31-14

Giants v Packers

Gruden said, "There is no QB that scares me more in the playoffs than Eli Manning." Hmm... I don't quite agree with that. I also don't like Odell and crew in Miami on their day off. That Giant Offense has been hot and cold; inconsistent all year. And, even though the Packers D has given up a lot of yards and points this year, I would pick Rodgers and his new found chemistry with WRs over anything the Giants can do. And......they are at Lambeau. I am sure we will both of them chunk that ball quite a bit in this one. But, I am going Aaron Rodgers and the Packers all day! Predictions: 31-24