Indians Moving Key Pieces?

If the hot stove was not already hot it will certainly start to heat up this week. This week the MLB winter meetings take place in Las Vegas. There are rumors flying around that the Indians are exploring the idea of trading either Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer. The Indians have payroll concerns and with a deep rotation figure they can trade some pitchers to help address other positions.

Trevor Bauer is 27 years old and had a breakout 2018 season. Depending on arbitration Bauer could make as much as $12 million next season. Coming off a great 2018 and only being 27 years old makes Trevor Bauer an attractive trade piece for teams. Any team that trades for Bauer would have control of him through 2020.

Corey Kluber on the other hand is a little older at 32 years old. Despite being 32 Kluber has yet to show signs of slowing down, he is a two-time Cy Young winner. Any team that trades for him will have control of him for three more seasons. The salary cap hit is relatively team friendly for a pitcher of his caliber. Over the next three seasons Kluber is owed 55 million.

As you would expect with all-star caliber pitchers numerous teams are interested. The Reds, Yankees, Phillies, Mets, Dodgers, Astros and Rays have all expressed interested. The Indians recently signed pitcher Carlos Carrasco to a three year extension. The team also still has Danny Salazar, coming off injury, and Mike Clevinger in their rotation. Trading Kluber or Bauer would be an effort to lower payroll.