Lane Johnson is Suing the NFL and Players Association

By Patrick
Jan. 06, 2017

Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and Players Association following penalties he has picked up for violating performance-enhancing drugs.

He has been suspended twice for violating such policies forcing him to sit out ten games in 2016.

"The NFLPA does not stand up for players," Johnson said in August, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Zach Berman. "They don't check the supplements. They give us an app. And when you call them and ask them if you test positive for something they approve, it doesn't matter."

After being suspended he also forfeited a bunch of money. All of the guaranteed money stated in his five-year, $56 million deal was voided. Through the six games that he was on the field with the Eagles the team went 5-1. He believes that he is a very important player and the team needs his help to win.