Thomas Davis's Daughter Has Him Thinking About Retiring After 2017

By Patrick
Dec. 21, 2016

The Carolina Panthers star linebacker Thomas Davis has been in the NFL for over ten years now (drafted in 2005, 1st round pick). Davis, 33, has been with the Panthers ever since he got drafted. He means everything to the team. Davis is only a big, physical tackler, but also a very emotional football player that gets his team fired up with the help of middle linebacker Luke Kuechly.

He is one of the only players to come back from three ACL injuries and still play at an elite level like he is today. Davis is out here schooling rookies.

With that said, there has to be a point in a players career where it is time to start considering retirement. Now would be the time for Davis. It can be a sensitive topic. Thomas Davis is aware that his time in the NFL could be coming to a close as early as next season.

Davis does not think about the idea of retiring from the NFL like other players have. His heart will continue to want to play forever, but his mind and body say otherwise.

When asked, "why aren't you around anymore" by his six-year-old daughter, he has started thinking more about the subject.

"It is a tough situation when you are dealing with young kids. My daughter's 6 and she does not understand that daddy is away right now becuase of work," said Davis (via Black and Blue Review).

Defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers has said that Davis is, "seriously contemplating retirement" after hearing that question.

"Right now, I feel like I am still playing at a high level. I feel like I am contributing to this team. As long as I can do that, I want to play," said Davis.

Next season (2017) will be his final year with his current contract. It would be tough to see him leave without a ring.