Young NBA Fan Dabs on Mark Cuban

Mark is a very smart and strong individual whether he is on Shark Tank or making business deals for the Mavericks. When approached by a young basketball fan, Cuban is gentler and becomes more vulnerable to the childish tricks of this generation. 

This past weekend Mark Cuban was in Salt Lake City watching the Mavericks take on Utah Jazz. A young Jazz fan approached Cuban at the game and in order to play nice he stuck his hand out signaling a high five. The young kid reached out as if he was playing along, but quickly retreated denying Cuban of the high five and then "dabbing." If you have not seen the "dab" move, watch the video.

A number of celebrities or other adults would have been mad at the kid for doing this, but Cuban actually found it to be quite humorous. You got to watch out for this young kids trying to pull tricks that you would not expect.