2016 Coaches Power Ranking

By Bigmatch
Oct. 24, 2016

Coach Leo Austria is celebrating his accomplishment of being the coach of the year. Let me give my own rendition of the award but I will make it a power ranking to tackle the other coaches.

Personally, the coaches should be measured by one thing, talent maximization. Meaning, with the level of the skills of the players that they have, what did they achieved?

I ranked all the coaches that participated in the three conferences and it is STRICTLY ABOUT THEIR PERFORMANCE THIS SEASON. 

#9 Jason Webb

- No matter how you see it, Purefoods under-performed. With that roster, they should have at least reached one semifinals. One major mistake that he did all throughout the season was the minutes that he gave to James Yap. It was too much and it ate up the minutes of the more impactful wings.  

#8 Jhong Uichico
- The numbers painted TNT as an above-average team in all three conferences. The problem was they failed to deliver in the playoffs. Other than the overall quality of the roster, it was really disappointing that coach Jhong did not maximize two above-average stretch bigs in Rosario and RDO.

#7 Leo Isaac
- Even though they ended up with the #1 pick, Blackwater don't have the worst roster in the league. Mike Cortez, Carlo Lastimosa, Art Dela Cruz and JP Erram has the quality of winning more than seven games. Coach Leo was great in maximizing the core players but did not juiced out enough from their bench guys.

#6 Boyet Fernandez

Coach Boyet coached for the future this season. He gave as much minutes as possible to their prospects and their performance this season suffered. They did not overachieved but they also did not underachieved. 

#5 Tim Cone
Considering that this is his first season with the team, not reaching the semis in the first two conferences and then a championship can only put coach Tim's 2016 performance in #5. He has the most weapon-loaded roster: they have the tallest frontcourt, a backcourt that can provide everything, the best rebounding guard and versatile players. It was not until Governors Cup that he finally adapted his style to what fits the roster. This season will be much different if he realize it sooner. 

#4 Leo Austria
The top 4 this year are decided, just by the hairlines. Coach Leo continue to be one of the best in managing egos and that made him a great fit for the Beermen. The fit became a negative factor in a close race like this. The two semifinals appearance and one championship is good enough for the quality of the roster but it was a total letdown when he failed to fixed the Tyler Wilkerson conundrum.

#3 Norman Black
I thought coach Norman could be on the hot seat after the disastrous 1-10 in the Philippine Cup but when he was given the right imports, coach Norman found the black magic and molded them into contenders. Their Finals appearance in the Governors Cup was the icing on the cake. If you are not impress, then check their roster and compare to the other teams.

#2 Alex Compton

They will get the bridesmaid award of the year. Nevertheless, Alaska was the second best team this season, as shown by their 11th seeding in the draft. Coach Alex tried to maximize every player in his roster and it totally worked. Although, I will need to say that some of his core players deserved to play more minutes.

#1 Yeng Guiao

Coach Yeng succeeded again in getting a championship with a crew that may not be a top 5 team without him helping the players in their development. Even though they failed to reach the playoffs in the Governors Cup, that only mattered a little because a lot of external factors affected their play. Lastly, he won a championship with his import averaging 9.6 points, 10.9 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 52.5% FG.