Trade Analysis: BWE-GBP, MER-NLEX-BWE


Several teams shook up their line-ups recently. Let us analyze their decisions.


Blackwater received KG Canaleta

Globalport received Dylan Ababou and James Forrester

Of course this is an unfair trade. There is no basketball explanation why a starting caliber player will be traded for two end-of-the-bench guys.

Verdict: UNFAIR



Send - Dylan Ababou and James Forrester

Receive - KG Canaleta

Even though Blackwater received the higher value in this trade, it is not a total home-run. KG is having a bad season, producing 8.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 32.9% FG. He is already 36 years old and there is a big chance that this will already be the year that he totally falls to oblivion.

Nevertheless, KG was a starting caliber last season and his ability to shoot and his athleticism will be a huge filler for the absence of Art Dela Cruz.

Grade: B


Send - KG Canaleta

Receive - Dylan Ababou and James Forrester

I think the management of Globalport cannot stand the fact that the current production of KG is not meeting the value of his contract.

They receive two low-risk, high reward guys. Dylan Ababou was suffocated by injuries all throughout his career but he is a very capable scorer. James is still 27 years old so time is still with him to reach his potential.

In terms of value, Globalport got the short-end of the deal but looking deeper, it was a fine deal.

Grade: C


NLEX received Rabeh Al-Hussaini

Meralco received Blackwater 2018 2nd

NLEX received NLEX 2017 2nd

This was a pretty small trade where in two sister teams found a way to send a guy to the team that needed him more. Losing Rabeh will not hurt Meralco so this is a fair one.


Meralco receive - Blackwater 2018 2nd

Blackwater receive - NLEX 2017 2nd

Justin Chua's recent play made Rabeh, expendable. Blackwater is a young team who is still trying to fill their roster with competent players, as early as possible. The trade works for both.

Grade: B


Receive - Rabeh Al-Hussaini

Send - 2017 2nd

I think, the time for Rabeh to fully develop into a starting caliber player, have already passed. But, with coach Yeng's system and his ability to develop players, the impossible could happen. This is a great gamble by NLEX because I saw a more mature Rabeh on Meralco.

He will also take the spot of Enrico Villanueva who is out for the conference. That makes this an excellent trade for the Road Warriors.

Grade: A