What Fans can take away after Lonzo's performances.

Lonzo Ball is a hot topic for the NBA as of now, and there is one person to blame for this, and that would be Lavar Ball, Lonzo's father. Through his first two summer league games, he has averaged 8 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds, 1 block, 1.5 steals, and is shooting 25% from the field while shooting 12.5% from deep (http://www.nba.com/players/lonzo/ball/1628366.). All these stats seem rather upsetting to Lakers, as well as Lonzo fans, as he has gotten 33.5 minutes, but has not shown superiority on the Summer League court.

Is he a bust?

Why is he not doing well?

Was this the wrong pick?

All of these questions must be running rampant in the minds of Lakers fans, and I do not blame you. Lonzo did not leave the best first impression after the Lakers vs Clippers game, and I know there is no time for excuses, but first time jitters are a thing, and nerves effect everyone in various ways. It does not help him that his father had spent this whole time hyping him up and he went out and looked like an average player who might not make the team come regular season, but do not let the stats deceive you. Game 1 for Lonzo was just an off night. It has nothing to do with his jumper and it not being a solid NBA jumpshot, because he had open looks and he just could not find the bottom of the net, which is simply an off game. It is not like people had his number and were in his face all night, he just could not hit his shots. Does it help that his first game he was off? No, it hurts his reputation a lot, even if this is just a Summer League game, but believe me he will improve as the games continue, and he will be the player all Lakers fans were expecting. In my opinion, no he is not a bust, he is far from one. I understand the people who believe "He should be outplaying all these guys, it's Summer League" Yes, he should be, and if you watched game 2 he was throwing no look passes, and at times making the D look silly, he was doing just what he has been doing his whole basketball career.

Was using the #2 pick on Lonzo the wrong move? No, in my opinion Lonzo Ball is the future, and like Magic Johnson said "The new face of the Lakers". This man has no glass ceiling, he could be sort of a Curry-esque, in which he changes the game, and changes what teams search for in their Point Guard. Lonzo is a transformational player, and he may very well change the league as we know it, so is picking him a waste considering he has not shot the ball well? No, if you watch these games, he just has yet to find his stroke, the rest of his game is there, he has passed well, defended well, and he has rebounded well, he just needs to get his awkward form going, which I know he can and will.

I understand Jayson Tatum is playing absolutely amazing as of right now, and whose to say he's going to slow down? This was the "safest" and "most polished" pick in the draft, therefore he is doing what is expected of him, and he is balling out. Comparing him to Lonzo is sort of difficult because he has the stats in his pocket, but what I can say is this, although Tatum has been outstanding, he fits right into the current NBA, he is a pure scorer who can shoot from long range, Lonzo may very well change this game, so to all the Lakers fans frustrated that they may have wasted a pick, wait it out because this man is going to bring a whole new meaning to the word team (and a new meaning for the term ball out). Now obviously Ball's type of play they are going to need a wing like Tatum, but why not pick a player who is going to transform the way basketball is played, just like Curry did. All the respect to Tatum, he is looking amazing and as a fan of the Celtics, I am so eager to see his role as well as his game during the regular season (as well as playoffs because we all know the Celtics will be there), but picking a league changer over a solid current league player is an obvious pick (pick the league changer).

To all the Lakers fans frustrated, just remember that Lonzo Ball is playing his game, he is passing well, taking high percentage shots (now low percentage), he is working off the ball, he is grabbing rebounds, and he is hustling and making plays on defense. Scoring 11 points is basically a Lonzo type game, he is not a 30 point scorer, he is an all around basketball genius, and notching his first of many triple doubles (but the rest will be regular season) shows that he is gonna ball, but he may not score a lot, which is what Lonzo does. The one flaw in Lonzo's game as of right now is his terrible shooting percentage, which will improve next game, he is going to find himself, it has nothing to do with the awkwardness of his jumpshot, he has shot like that for his whole life he is used to that by now, it has everything to do with "having an off day" (2 days in a row), but he will pick it up trust me.

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