Fight at Patriots training camp!

Aren't we all glad to have the football season back? I for sure am. Not only do we get that fall football feeling as the summer comes to an end, we also get to witness the GOAT pick apart defenses every Sunday. As much as we love watching the Pats tear up opponents during games, the players feel something different, and what comes with such a physical sport? Frustration. Yesterday during Pats training camp new CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Julian Edelman got into a skirmish following an incomplete pass. The fight was a quick wrestling match in which both players lost their helmets, as well as lost privelage to finish the practice. Yes, of course they were sent home for the day, we have Bellicheck, that stuff does not fly with him. Now as Patriots fans, how can you look at this? One way to look at it is "they shouldn't be fighting they are teammates, the newby should not be picking fights", or you can look at the bright side and think "Hey, it's football, glad to see the two are taking practice so seriously and putting their hearts into each play". Nobody wants to see players from their favorite team fight, but think about it in a positive eye. Both Gilmore and Edelman are clearly not messing around during practice, they are playing their a**es off, and they are letting their emotions run rampant, which is something that is good for practice. I would rather them get it out now than do something stupid during the season. Good for these two that they put this much into one of the first couple days of training camp. The winner of the fight? It seems as if Edelman won this bout. Basically by now you should be excited to see Gilmore play because he is putting his heart into a practice, and this will show throughout the season that Gilmore is a grinder, he is scrappy and is going to fight for every ball thrown his way (We all already knew Edelman was scrappy). So, just be happy we have another scrappy CB alongside one of the leagues best and scrappiest CB's in the league in Malcolm Butler, and take your panties out of a bunch.