What's going on with the Cavs and LeBron James.

What's up everybody. The Cleveland Cavaliers are Struggling right now. And With LeBron James being at odds with Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert and the Organization is not Helping matters any at all. It all Started 2-days before Played the Sacramento Kings. LeBron James was making some Demands and he's hurting his team in my opinion you will see what I mean.

LeBron had Challenged the Cavs to play like a Championship Winning team of Last Season. The Cavs played the Pelicans in New Orleans. Before the Game LeBron sat in the Locker Room Grooming his beard and all was right with the World. He was thinking of his Big Christmas performance over Golden State. Then The Cavs lost to the Pelicans 124-122 Despite The Pelicans did not have their everything player Anthony Davis. The Team was Challenged by LeBron after the loss and lashed out at some people on twitter and that didn't go well at all. Tuesday's practice was cancelled and the Wednesday Morning Shoot around was cancelled as well. Then On Wednesday the Embarrassment against Sacramento 116-112 in overtime. The Cavs are Struggling right now and LeBron James is at odds with the Organization.

LeBron Is at odds with this man, Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavaliers Franchise. Here's what's going on, The Ownership and the Franchise doesn't want to spend any extra Money to get some other players. And LeBron want's some New Blood on the team. The Cavaliers went through a $54 million dollar Luxury tax to got LeBron to come back to Cleveland. The Cavaliers Franchise has put the Brakes on any new spending to get New Players and LeBron James is not happy about that at all. The Cavs have a $27 million dollar luxury tax left. And LeBron has called the Cavs starting lineup " top heavy" and has called out Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. And James is not happy with ownership at all about how the Cavs are doing. After the dropped the Game Against Sacramento the Cavs dropped to 30-14. They are 3 games ahead of the Toronto Raptors and they are having their Struggles right now. The Cavs are in First place in the Eastern Conference. But they better get it together now or they are really going to be an afterthought.

The Cavs need to get it together now. Here's my take, The Cavs are only 2-6 in their last 8 games. They have Dropped 3 in a row after the loss to Sacramento. You Have LeBron James going after Management about Payroll and you have a team that's struggling right now and going nowhere fast. Here's what needs to happen. No.1 LeBron needs to quit whining about Payroll. No.2 the Cavs need to get it together. No.3 They need to play like a championship team if they want to be back in the Finals. Because you know if we play Golden State in the Finals this time around they have Kevin Durant and he a very dangerous player. But first thing's First they have got to get back on track now because if they don't they are going to be an afterthought in the Playoffs.The only thing that's keeping the Cavs in it is the Raptors are struggling themselves but if they get Hot lookout because the Cavs will have a fight on their hands for the NBA East. Now in Closing, And this goes to LeBron James the Management doesn't want to spend anymore money right now to get other players so SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!!!.