Undfeated Gonzaga Leads a New top-5 in College Basketball.

Hi everybody, The New Top-5 In College Basketball came out on Monday. And for the 1st time in the History of their Program The Undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs are the new Number 1 team in the Country. So the Question is does Gonzaga have a chance to take their undefeated season all the way to the National Championship. That I will give my opinion when I give my commentary. But First I will give you the rest of the top 5. And where they stand at the moment, then Afterwards you will get my commentary.

No.1 Gonzaga Bulldogs: They are the only undefeated team left in the country. The Just Trounced Pepperdine 96-49 last time they played. So what's next possibly a overall Number.1 seed in the NCAA I say yes to that. Even if they lose somewhere along the way in my opinion the Bulldogs are the Overall Number.1 seed. Let's look at their resume. Their RPI is 11 and they have a SOS of 87 and they are 3-0 against the top 25. But the Main thing is right now they are undefeated and if they continue to play like they are now Gonzaga will be the overall Number.1 Seed and you can go to the Bank On that.

No.2 Baylor Bears: The Bears are 20-1. Their only loss was to West-Virginia when they were Number.1 in the country. The did squeak by Ole Miss 78-75 last time out. But if they continue to play like they are they will be a 1 or 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. Their RPI is 1, SOS is 11 and they are 5-1 against the top 25. If they continue to play like they are now they will get a number 1 seed. However Baylor Better lookout for West Virginia because all of the sudden they are playing Red Hot right now. And Baylor has loss to the Mountaineers already and if they faceoff in the Big 12 tournament you better believe that Baylor will not Forget that at all.

No.3 Kansas Jayhawks: The Jayhawks had a Rough week this past week. They were the Number 1 team in the Country only to lose to West Virginia one week ago in Morgantown. But Kansas bounced back to beat Kentucky On Saturday Night 79-73. So where does Kansas go from here. They have a Battle Against Number.2 Baylor on Wednesday Night. And that is going to be a Battle to the finish. But here's the question can Kansas clinch a Number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, to that I will say this, If they Beat Baylor and continue to play like they are now they will clinch a Number.1 seed. Their RPI is excellent at 3. Their SOS is 27 which you can say they had a tough schedule. And the Jayhawks are only 2-2 against teams in the Top 25. But in my opinion If Kansas beats Baylor on Wednesday Night you can't sop no to the Jayhawks clinching a Number.1 seed.

No.4 Villanova Wildcats: The Wildcats are Very Lucky to be Number.4 Right now after Losing a Close game to Marquette 74-72 one week ago. They almost gave another game away on Sunday to Virginia. If had not been for Deonte DIVINCEZO being the BIG RAGU with the tip in at the Buzzer against Virginia on Sunday, I would have guaranteed that Villanova would not be in the top-5. But it is what it is. But Villanova could be the team to beat in the Big East right now. Look at their Resume, Their RPI is 2, Their SOS is 20 and they are 5-1 against the top-25. So Can Villanova Bounce back and be in contention for a 1 seed in the tournament, well I will say this they need top get it together now because if they don't and go out early in the Big East Tournament they can kiss any possibility of being a 1 seed good bye.

No.5 Arizona Wildcats: They Beat the Washington Huskies 77-66 last time the Wildcats Played. They are the only Undefeated team left in the Pac-12 conference. The Wildcats are 20-2 overall and they even beat UCLA a few weeks back. The Wildcats will face Oregon State on Wednesday Night. You Can't say the Wildcats deserve to be a Number.1 seed for the Tournament. Look at their Resume. They have an RPI of 6, Their SOS is 31 and they are 2-1 against the Top-25. And I will say this You Better look out for the Arizona Wildcats come tournament time because they are the team to Beat in the Pac-12 and Gonzaga better be Lucky that Arizona is in the Pac-12 instead of the West Coast Conference because they Wildcats could give throw anything at them.

The Top-5 has been revealed. Here's My take, The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the Only team left Undefeated in the country and they are currently the team to beat in College Basketball. And in my opinion I think they can go all the way undefeated and win the National Championship So lookout for the Gonzaga Bulldogs and I think they can win it all.  As for the Baylor Bears they have a tough test against the Kansas Jayhawks on Wednesday night. And whoever wins that test will be in the Drivers seat for a Top Seed in the NCAA tournament. Not saying anything yet But you better think about West Virginia because they could be the team that steals all of the Glory in the Big-12. As for Kansas it's just the Same thing I just said about Baylor they need to keep winning. As For Villanova they need to get back on track now because they are in the middle of a Major Battle for the Big-East Title. So Villanova can't afford anymore bad loses like they had against Marquette. If Villanova wants to be a One-Seed they need to get it together Now. As For the Arizona Wildcats They Just Need to win the Pac-12 and they are almost a lock for a Number.1 seed in the NCAA tournament because they are Undefeated in the Pac-12 and they could be a team that steals it all in March. So this is a Warning to everybody the NCAA tournament is just about a Month or so away but if these past few weeks are any indication March Madness is going to be more Crazy Than ever before.