Top 5 most memorable All-Star game performances

By Antwon Smith
Feb. 16, 2017

The NBA all-star weekend is one of the most star-studded events all year, where celebrities and fans come to watch the top star in the NBA. There's NBA All-Star weekend, which includes the world famous Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. It concludes with the NBA All-Star game on Sunday and here are some of my most memorable performances in All-Star game history, take a look:

1. Michael Jordan SG Chicago Bulls 

1988 All-Star game

40 points 8 rebounds 3 assist 4 steals 4 blocks

This was one of the most dominating weekends ever; he won the slam dunk contest the same weekend over Dominique Wilkins in stunning fashion. Jordan then put on a show for the ages this youngster put up 40 points on 17/23 shooting and grabbed 8 rebounds as the East ran past the West 138-133. Jordan was named MVP.

2. Magic Johnson PG Los Angeles Lakers 

1992 All-Star game

29 points 9 assists 5 rebounds

Magic had to thank the fans for this game as he was voted in by them after retiring prior to the 91-92 NBA season after learning he had contracted the HIV virus. Magic turned this game into his own playground in the last quarter as the West coasted to a 153-113 victory. Johnson won MVP honors.

3. Kobe Bryant SG Los Angeles Lakers 

2011 All-Star game

37 points 14 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals

Kobe was on fire and no one could cool him off as he led the Western Conference to a 148-143 victory. Bryant put on a show for the home crowd and the 2.3 million that made him the most voted NBA star for this game. Bryant cruised to the games’ MVP it was his 4th overall.

4. Allen Iverson SG Philadelphia 76ers 

2001 All-Star game

25 points 5 assists 4 steals

Iverson should have been called the comeback kid after this game. He led the Eastern Conference to a come from behind victory as he scored 15 points in the final 9 minutes to carry the Eastern Conference to a 111-110 win. He won game MVP, and later that season won the regular season MVP award.

5. Glen Rice SG Charlotte Hornets 

1997 All-Star game

26 points 1 rebound 1 assist

He is on my list not for a game but for one quarter, a 3rd quarter that I will never forget. Rice scored 20 points in the quarter 4-4 from 3-point range and set an All-Star game record for points in a quarter and points in a half (24). Glen won MVP and overshadowed Michael Jordan’s triple double.

Honorable Mention: Michael Jordan (Jordan's final ASG appearance)

2003 All-Star Game

20 points 5 rebounds 2 assists

This was MJ's last All-Star game appearance and even though Kevin Garnett stole the show with 37 points, Jordan was the main attraction scoring 20 points on 27 shot attempts. It was time to pass the torch on to the next generation and a young Kobe Bryant accepted the challenge.

What is your favorite All-Star game performance/memory?

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