Buccaneers vs. Panthers Official Monday Night Football NFL Picks Preview

By offshoreinsiders
Oct. 10, 2016

One of the best football games for bettors to exploit this week in football is the conflict between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football.

The Las Vegas Strip and offshore betting odds are Carolina -5.5 and 45.5 or 46. There is some varying juice on the point spread, in fact tends to be trending towards the favorite as the juice is as high at 115 on 5.5. The opening numbers said 4.5 and 46 as this game was off the board until Friday when it was announced that Panthers’ QB Cam Newton was out.

Betting percentages tell us 55 percent of gamblers have bet on Carolina and again, all bets were placed with the knowledge that Derek Anderson would be the starter. Consistent with public betting tendencies, 61 percent of wagers have been on the over.

Top gamblers bring into play distinct key handicapping numbers than the losing bettor. Here is an analysis of that game from a wagering perspective. To contrast yards per rush on offense, the pre-eminence from an arithmetical angle goes to Carolina by .9. Passing yards per completion is another yardstick consumed by sports investors. The lead is owned by the Panthers by 1.1. Perhaps the most made use of number by certified gamblers is yards per point. From the offensive examination the better integers are is in the column of Carolina by 3.5.

Insofar as the key records on the defensive side of the ball. The yards per rush guide says the healthier run defense is Tampa by .2. The better-quality passing yards per completion data on defense declares that it is dead heat. In terms of yards per point, the transcendent defense is the Panthers by .4. Turnover ratio favors Carolina by -3.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

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