Temple-UConn Sports Handicapping Preview; Free Pick in College Football

By offshoreinsiders
Nov. 04, 2016

Temple and Connecticut Play in one of the premier opportunities of the week from a sports betting standpoint. The offshore and Vegas point spread and total has Temple -10 and 44. It opened with Temple laying 11.5 and a higher total at 48. The game kicks off at 7 ET on ESPN2. No significant weather conditions apply from a gambling standpoint.

In addition to giving everything bettors need for this game, three sports handicapping experts preview WVU-Kansas.

Temple has the more ample numbers in terms of yards per rush on offense by a margin of 1.1. Temple produces more advantageous computations in terms of passing yards per pass by .7. As far as yards per point the Owls waste substantially fewer by 8.2, a very significant number.

Now to the defensive side of the ball utilizing the same tallies. The Owls reign supreme in stopping the run but by just .1. UConn has the better decimals on defense in the passing yards per completion realm by .7. Never overlooked by pros is yards per point. The more rock-solid on the defensive side of the ball in that grouping is the Huskies forcing 1.6 more. Regarding yards per play it’s Temple with the .8 edge on offense and a slight .1 on defense.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

The top sports service bet on this game is from MasterLockLine. The top ranked handicapper in all sports since 2006 is out of Las Vegas. His Four-Weight plays are probably as big of a bet as there is, averaging one or two a week during busy betting season and one or two a month in the summer months. Four Weight College Football Game of the Year goes Friday night Temple vs. Connecticut at OffshoreInsiders.com