"The Stack" 12-17-19

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees now has the all-time touchdown passes record with 541. The Saints quarterback threw four in a 34-7 beatdown of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Stack is back on this Tuesday and we don’t have a whole lot to talk about today. Drew Brees made history last night on MNF and we’ll talk about baseball contracts and more so let’s get right to “the stack” for today, Tuesday, December 17th:

Drew Brees sets passing touchdown mark, Saints whoop Colts on MNF

The Monday Night Football game was a snoozefest last night, as the New Orleans Saints laid a beatdown on the Indianapolis Colts 34-7, but if you watched, you saw history. Saints quarterback Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning for passing touchdowns with 540 on his third quarter touchdown pass to tight end Josh Hill. Brees added another touchdown pass in there as well and now holds the record with 541. Tom Brady is hot on his heels and tweeted out during the game that it’s on, but at the rate the Patriots are going right now on offense and with the way Brees and the Saints offense operates, I do not see this happening. Brees also completed 29 of 30 passes and said after the game that the one incompletion will haunt him for a while. He ended the game with 22 straight completions and can set the consecutive completions mark (the record is 25) against the Titans in Tennessee on Sunday. Good luck. Oh yeah, the Colts are officially eliminated from playoff contention, if you needed to know.

Joe Burrow wins the Heisman

There was something shocking that happened on Saturday night. It wasn’t that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow won the Heisman. He did and he deserved it. He was the most dominant player in college football all season long (no offense, Chase Young). For Burrow to do what he did in the SEC this year is truly remarkable and amazing. Burrow set a record with I believe 90.6% of all first place votes. He also got 95.5% of the possible points he could get in winning the Heisman. That is the shocking part. 4.5 percent of the Heisman voters kept Burrow off of their ballot. Who are these people?! They need to have their voting rights removed. If you don’t vote Burrow number one, that is fine, but to say that he wasn’t one of the three best players in the sport is flat out absurd. Those people need to be found and their voting rights stripped. It’s stupid. Don’t be like that. Don’t be that person. Be better.

Speaking of being better, Burrow’s Heisman Trophy acceptance speech was incredible. It definitely brought a tear to your eye or tugged at your heart strings the way he was talking about coach Ed Orgeron and going to LSU, but he also talked about the county he grew up in in Ohio and how impoverished it is. The fans listened and the fans responded by flooding the local food pantry with donations. Over $300 thousand worth of donations have come in and it figures to keep rising up. That is people being better. Good job people! Keep it up and if you aren’t donating to that food pantry, donate to your local food pantry or drop some money in a red kettle for the Salvation Army. Congrats to Joe Burrow for helping do some good and also for being really good at college football. Enjoy being a Cincinnati Bengal.

Baseball big contracts dished out last week

If you are a baseball player, you want Scott Boras as your agent. Or if you are Scott Boras, you want to be a baseball agent and have the stars come to you because you can make a lot of money off of the massive deals you can get them. Such was the case last week when Boras at last check helped get $878 million worth of contracts for his clients. Let’s look at them:

· Pitcher Gerrit Cole (9-year, $324 million with the New York Yankees)

· Pitcher Stephen Strasburg (7-year, $245 million with the Washington Nationals)

· Third baseman Anthony Rendon (7-year $245 million with the Los Angels Angels)

· Third baseman Mike Moustakas (4-year, $64 million with the Cincinnati Reds)

That is four contracts totaling $878. That is insane and incredible. Take away his small commission that he gets and he made himself millions, but he made his clients even more and that’s what matters most. There’s money to be had in baseball. It’s guaranteed. Remember that when choosing a sport or when picking your agent.

Also, it should be noted that pitcher Madison Bumgarner agreed to a five-year, $85 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Kind of a curious move as you don’t really know what the Diamondbacks are doing. Are they trying to win now or build for the future? They seem confused. I’m confused. Other people are confused. I think it’s best if we leave this situation.

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