Road to the Super Bowl 53(2): Let’s Go Brown(s)

The truth is the Pittsburgh Steelers will clinch their 3rd straight AFC North title after the week 17 showdown.

What a great shut-the-doubter-up year for Lamar Jackson, but he’s still too young to lead the Ravens over the Browns (I got your point, the Browns is young, too). Lamar is really a special kid, I like his resolution to be a quarterback despite the outside voice about all he has is the ability to be an NFL receiver. Win don’t lie, you can’t count Lamar out from the franchise QB argument, but when the time goes by, rocks will be penetrated by water eventually.

The Ravens’ playoff hope will rely on Lamar, his performance will determine the result. Or for more precisely, Baker Mayfield. The Chosen One has already done what all the Browns’ fans didn’t expect for the season and seems it all will happen continuously. Remember all the criticisms when he got drafted as the 1st overall pick? He had never let anyone who believes on him down.

You might start searching on the Pro Football Reference site trying to find some stats like the Ravens has the best D in the league this season so far, I knew that too.

I believe that talent will bring you to the other level in professional sports, but what I don’t believe is that talent is more important than how eager the team want to win. In this level, Certainly, talent determined whether you can get the key of joining the league or not, but the eager of winning is the engine which determines how far you can go.

Here’s only to consequences will happen on Sunday: The Ravens win and secure the AFC Title, or the Steelers will have to cancel their winter holiday flight after their win and the Ravens’ loss.

Forget the potential boxing scene, the Cincinnati Bengals is the team which has the fewest eager to win on Sunday between these two matchups, I don’t even count them in. The Steelers is gonna steal the win and hand their hope to the Browns. The Browns has almost the same eager of the Ravens, and it might be more. The last time when the Browns had a winning season, George W. Bush was still the president, and they didn’t even get into the Playoffs (with 10 wins).

The Ravens just got their Super Bowl 6 years ago, and always been a playoff contender in this decade. The more chance to win the Super Bowl, the better. But my friend, a winning season after a decade-long waiting is way more tempting than the other playoff berth. So, sadly, I have to say, since there’s only one step away for both teams to approach a milestone, so I won’t say that the Browns will absolutely win and take the Ravens to the hell together, however, they have more reason/chance to launch their best to the showdown.

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