Where will be the King's next kingdom?

Following the end of the NBA 17-18 season, this year's free agency market will be really dynamic. KD, CP3, Paul George are leading the market, but nothing will be paid more attention than this: The Decision 3.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY SportsDavid Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to the newest odds from BetDSI, the question about The Decision 3 had been changed from "Will he leave the Cavaliers?" to "Which team will he go to next?"

Any prediction for the King's next kingdom should be a way-too-early shot in the dark, but let's think this way: Why does the King have to leave his kingdom? He has almost everything he could earn as an NBA player: Championship, MVP, FMVP, All-NBA team, All-Star Game appearance, money, prestige and the G.O.A.T. nominee. He has all those above even though you don't count his Miami career, in other words, he earned the honors in Cleveland, his kingdom. No one will know what's gonna happen if LeBron never went to the southern beach to build a super team, but there's one thing that we know for certain: he earned the respect when he brought the trophy to The Land. There's NOTHING for him to pursue but the historic evaluation. That is stupid if you doubt the greatness of John Stockton and Karl Malone by their no-ring career, in addition, you will never consider that Robert Horry is better than Michael Jordan because he got 7 rings which is more than MJ.

Is there any other honor deserve him to desert his loyalty? Let's say I don't think so, at this point. He has already built all the credit of honor at The Land, he absolutely has the authority to require the suit team to build a champion level team around him, and probably a lifetime-free Bertman's Original Ballpark Mustard coupon; but only in Cleveland, he can get this benefit. In the other city, he is just a basketball player, maybe the best.

The most popular and believable reason why LeBron will land LA is: He owns two mansions there, and has the desire to develop his business in the entertainment field.


Why do you think LeBron has to live in LA to have an actor(or a producer, director...etc, whatever) career like a student who just graduated from USC movie production major? And yes, he won't have time to play on the green screen instead of the basketball court during regular season.

Did Michael Jordan have a good movie career? Yes. Did he ever play for LA? NO. Is Kobe Bryant having the best movie career among every NBA players so far? Yes. Is it because he is a long-term Lakers player? No, which because he is Kobe Bryant.

And Lakers is in the Western Conference.

There's so many ironic talk about LeBron is hiding in the Eastern Conference, but in all fairness, stay in east and meet the Warriors in the Finals again is the best movie script of revenge. See, I told you, he doesn't have to move to LA in order to be an Oscar nominee.

The 2nd highest odds of LeBron's next possible team is the 76ers. It makes sense. After all, who doesn't want to join a competitive team, right? But unfortunately, it's not Lebron's choice. The 76ers are absolutely a rising star in the east. They have at least two future All-Star Game routine players, they have some talent waiting to been redeemed, and they have a player named Ben Simmons, whose template is LeBron James. Trying to get LeBron is definitely a losing proposition for the 76ers, especially since they have a really good chance of building a long-term powerful team.

Reuniting with his buddy, Dwyane Wade, is a high possibility that could happen, and the Heat is the team which is fit for the King. New York have nothing but the big city advantage, and the weakness of the Rockets to pursue the King is, there's only one ball will be played at one time. The next one after the Rockets, just right before the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the Spurs. What can I say.

Oh by the way, after yesterday's game, the Cavaliers are the second team that have been swept in the past 11 years in the NBA Finals. Who's the last one? The Cleveland Cavaliers, by the Spurs.

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