Hold Your Fantasy Team on Your Hand

You've already seen tons of Fantasy Football guide to have an idea building your fantastic Fantasy team, Le'Veon Bell and Todd Gurley are two of the no-thinking picks of the draft, you should always pick them for all your Fantasy team-when you play the 2-team league-which is unable to start a draft.

What the guide didn't tell you is, you will never (or just barely) have that kind of luck to have Le'Veon Bell or Todd Gurley in your team. The truth is, when you're in the 10-12 team league, you only have about 15-20% chance to have one of those (if the other league members know what football is...).

Raise your hand if you picked David Johnson as your first-round pick and struggled to find a replacement after his one-and-done season last year. OK now, put your hand down, and scroll down this article to see what you should do in this Fantasy season.

Follow your mind, not the guide

There’s so many reasons you’ll be involved in Fantasy Football. No matter what you can win after the virtual and self-consoled season, you have passion on football, at least, you have the passion to win. Therefore, why don’t you just open your Chrome and search some news about the player and the team? That should be YOUR chip on the table. If you cannot choose your draft pick order (in most league), then why choose to follow the guide to build your team?

Pick what your team need, not the best remaining

Here's one of my team's draft result below, stupid, huh?

It seems I hit the wrong button on the 4th round to pick a K, but here’s why:

1. Kicker is the most important position for my FF philosophy. In my word, a good Kicker can make you easy and enough point you need each week-you don’t have to worry about the defense, the status of the target receiver, and the offensive scheme depends on the opposite team. Get on the field, kick the ball, and get some money. That simple.

2. There’s only 10 Kickers could make 2 FGs/game last season, and only 6 of those have 90% accuracy-Stephen Gostkowski is one of those, I don’t want to take any risk of losing a good player like him in my team.

3. See, I can still pick up good receivers like Greg Olsen, Jordy Nelson on 7th and 9th round-which people normally start pick a Kicker.

Another stupid pick is Jacksonville Jaguars’ Defense on the 6th round.

1. There’s only one team which have over 250 fan points as total last season via Yahoo, and that is Jaguars’ Defense.

2. Was the 1st reason not enough to pick them earlier?

Let’s go back to the Bell-Gurley question.

That would be great if you ever had a chance to pick one of those elite RBs in your team, but most of the time, you’ll only have the chance to pick the other 10+ potential 1000 yards ball carriers. Yes, 10 and more.

Apart from Bell and Gurley, there’s still 7 players who had a 1000+ yards season last year, and it didn’t even include Zeke Elliott, David Johnson, Derek Henry…etc-the other potential 1000 yards RBs. If you agree that 10-12 team is good league size, then you’ll agree that you don’t have to worry about picking a good RB to your team. There’s always a chance. Same as the QB, WR positions.

I’m sorry if you had Aaron Rodgers for your first QB pick last year (like me…), but that’s not the end of the world by picking the other good QBs remaining in FA. I still finished the regular season as 1st place.

What the FF Draft guide will not telling you, is the future.

Who is your QB is the most important thing for a football team, but remember, you’re playing Fantasy Football, where amazing things could happen if you have your Fantasy Football philosophy.

Hold your team on your hand, not the guide.

How's your draft so far and what's your FF philosophy? Leave me a comment by following my Twitter@syumm7756