It Has Been Too Long

Let me dust off this thing, because the last time I wrote was December 2nd. The sports world has changed since then. Somethings didn't change. Writing a sports blog isn't like riding a bike. You don't just hop back on and it's the same, so if the following is terrible please accept my apologies and it will get better.

One thing that changed is who the greatest QB of all time is. Prior to last year it was probably Joe Montana. But then something happened, Tom Brady came back from being down 28-3 to win his fifth Super Bowl as a starting QB and he jumped over Joe Cool in the process. People will debate this until they're blue in the face, and the idiots will call Tom Brady a cheater. Fact is though, when Tom Brady is done playing he will lead in every major statistical passing category and probably have 6 Super Bowl wins. Hate him if you want to, but he is the great to ever play QB.

One thing that didn't change is NFL teams still over pay QB's. Mike Glennon got 48 million guaranteed from the Chicago Ass-hats I mean Bears. Mike Glennon isn't worth that much money, he might not even be a starter in the NFL. He's probably a quality back up who can win a game or two, but nothing more. He will make more money than Aaron Rodgers this year...dumb. The Raiders made Derek Carr the highest paid player in the NFL. Derek Carr who is much more Alex Smith than anyone admits. Funny thing is Alex Smith might be Carr's dad with the way he keeps beating him on the field. The 11th or 12th best QB shouldn't be the NFL's highest paid player.

The 49ers owner made some smart decisions, and that's changed. Jed York is still a moron for getting rid of Jim Harbaugh but Kyle Shananan is a good coach and should help turn the team around.

The Chargers moved to LA, this is a big change and it's dumb. No NFL team will ever be bigger in that market than the Lakers and USC Football but now there's two NFL teams in that market. Football wise the Chargers are good. Phillip Rivers is an all-time great QB and the defense is young and talented. AFC darkhorse for sure.

The city of Las Vegas is going to welcome the Raiders soon after financing a stadium for them. But the city of Las Vegas can't meet basic needs for students in their public school system. Cities need to stop financing stadiums for billionaires to become richer, that something that needs to change. If cities can pay for stadiums they can find a way to pay teachers more and give students more.

Thanks for reading.