Week 3 Review

By TeejTaylor
Sep. 26, 2016

I'll start with the game I was at. 49ers vs Seahawks. The worse part (being a 49ers fan) was seeing our punter start warming up when the Seahawks were lining up to kickoff. Blaine Gabbert is so bad, our punter expects a 3 and out. Here are some quick stats of the 49ers Gabbert led offense;

0 for 10 on third downs through midway of the 4th quarter. 

Gabbert: 10 of 18 79 yards and an interception

zero sacks allowed and only 6 pressures. 

You would think that a game where the QB isn't sacked a single time would be result in different numbers for the QB. Not this one though. Gabbert is the worse starting QB in the NFL. It's not close. Pick a 3rd down, and Gabbert will throw short of the sticks. He's inaccurate, and doesn't take chances. Some will argue "Gabbert sees the field so well," this is false. Gabbert missed a wide open Shaun Draughn on a wheel route in the 2nd quarter. He instead opted for Vance McDonald on a 2 yard arrow route that resulted in a punt. 

On the Seahawks side, the defense is still really good. But they got zero sacks which is should worry them a little bit. Also, if you remove the 41 yard Christine Michael run, they only averaged 2.86 yards per carry. That's not good going against a defense who has struggled on the road the last two years. Then there's the Russell Wilson injury. He was clearly not as mobile, and if he were to have played against a team with a better pass rush? Who knows what would have happened. If I'm Pete Carroll I sit him against he Jets who have some bad-asses on their Dline. 3 absolute fucking studs; Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and Muhammad Wilkerson. The Jets Dline (as whole) might even be better than the Rams Dline. 

Lastly on this game, Michael Bennett said "Gabbert presents no challenge, Kap gives them best chance to win." Time to make the switch 49ers. 


Bills beat the Cardinals. I'm shocked here.  Tyrod Taylor was below average, again. But the Bills still won. Maybe Carson Palmer throwing 4 interceptions helped. There will always be a classic Carson game each year. This was it. 

Marvin Jones 200+ yard day. While I expected him to be good and picked him up in fantasy, I didn't expect that. Good for him though, looks like he's fitting in nicely in Detroit. 

Vikings just keep on winning. To go to Carolina, with no AP, no Bridgewater and destroy the Panthers is impressive. Is it too early to give Zimmer the Coach of the year award? 

The Broncos beating the Bengals, and Siemen throwing 4 TD's in the game. This might finally be the year that Marvin Lewis gets fired. The Bengals are currently 1-2 and aren't their usual dominant regular season selves right now. 

Aaaron Rodgers still hasn't thrown for over 250 yards in a game this year. Is he the leagues best QB? Yes. Is he playing at his best? No. The Packers are 2-1 but they're an unimpressive 2-1. Rodgers has the league's most over rated supporting cast, and it shows. I stand by my pick of the Packers playing in the NFC Championship game, but I'm less confident by the week. 

Kirk Cousin's didn't throw an interception this week. 

The Eagles are 3-0. While a lot of people are saying "well they're so good now that Chip is gone" but he did build that team that is around Carson Wentz. Interesting to think about isn't it? 

I'm Not Shocked

Gabbert Sucks. 

Le'Garret Blount leads the league in rushing. No Brady, and their TE's can block. The Patriots just ran the ball down people's throats. Also, Blount is good. 

The Ravens are 3-0. John Harbaugh is a good coach. Joe Flacco is back. They were destroyed by injuries last year, and are now healthy. This is a good football team. They'll keep winning. 

Jaguars are 0-3. Basically the opposite of the Ravens. They don't have a good coach. Their QB is above average, but not Elite like Flacco. Also, they don't like putting their best players on the field. 

Bears are 0-3. Bad team, over rated coach. Hurt on defense. No real RB or QB. 

The NFC South is bad. There one good team. 3 good QB's. One average team. One team with a historically bad defense. Then there's Matt Ryan and the shitty Falcons. Even if Ryan plays well today he still sucks, he just beat a bad defense. 

The Browns are 0-3. Somethings just don't change, ever. 

3 weeks in and Rivers still hasn't thrown an interception. Phillip Rivers is a fucking stud. 

Thanks for reading.