Week 4 Review

By TeejTaylor
Oct. 04, 2016

Blaine Gabbert Still sucks. Less than 7 weeks now until I can ignore his play as I'm more in-tune with Coaching Wrestling. Film Breakdown of my Wrestlers on Sunday is better than watching bad QB play from him. 

Things You Didn't Notice

Derek Carr threw two dropped interceptions that were entirely his fault. Everyone wants to over look it and talk about how great a game he had and how the Raiders might be for real. First, if either of those are caught, they probably don't win. If both are caught, he's just average. Secondly, the Ravens offensive line did a poor job, and the WR's did Flacco no Favors. The Raiders have the worse point differential of any 3 win team in the NFL at +2. That means they're a few bounces of the ball away from being 1-3. Point differential through the first half is more indicative of a teams long-term success for that year. Don't buy the Raiders yet. 

The Rams are the only team with 3 wins and a negative point differential. But if you remove the week 1 loss, their point differential is +15. They might actually win the West. Their defense has already shut down the top teams in their division, one being on the road. Schedule lines up pretty easy. I may have been wrong, their top tier guys might carry them. 

The Vikings defense is the second best in the NFL behind the Broncos. The Vikings just dominated Mariota, Rodgers, Cam, and Eli in 4 straight games. I'm here for the Broncos vs Vikings Super Bowl if it happens. All defense. Also, last note on the Vikings defense, Xavier Rhodes just held OBJ to 24 yards. Game's best corner so far this year. 

Pittsburgh losing to Philly was a fluke game. Fluke games happen in the NFL. The AFC is a 3 team race. Steelers, Patriots, Broncos. I don't really see an NFC team that can compete with them either. 

The Seahawks schedule sets-up for them to be 7-1 without a real test due to Arizona's fall. They have a bye, then Falcons, Cardinals, Saints and Bills. That game when they're 7-1 is the Patriots. If this happens, game will get a lot of Hype. I'm here for it. I don't think the Seahawks are 14-2 pace good, but they might be on that pace come November 13th. 

49ers had a young Corner Back from LSU make his first Career Start. Rashard Robinson. He played lights out. In Fact if you combine that game with the preseason he's only given up 10 catches on 20 targets for 78 yards and an interceptions. That's scary good. Silver linings 49ers fans, silver linings. 

Bills only managed to score 16 points in a game where they got to play against a backup QB and the opposing team's defense is 22nd in allowing 3rd down conversions. Bills offense is still bad even though they won 2 in a row. 

Only 3 teams haven't allowed a run longer than 20 yards all year. Cincinnati, Green Bay, and Minnesota.  That's impressive. 

Phillip Rivers continues to do more with less than anyone else. 

The NFL's top 5 QB's are still: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Phillip Rivers, and Drew Brees. Save me the Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Cam Newton talk. Fantasy Football has ruined people's perceptions of QB play. I love Fantasy Football but hate what it's done to the NFL. 

Cowboys are for real. Tony Romo still needs to come back healthy, but that Oline and Run game make them dangerous at home or on the road in the playoffs. Right now, I think only Minnesota's defense can slow them down. 

Darrell Bevel called a hell of a game for the Seahawks. Majority of the pass plays were designed to get the ball out quickly. Bevell neutralized the Jets pass rush by design. Coaching matters guys. He should be a Head Coach. 

Zeke Elliot leads the NFL in rushing. Jerry Jones laughs at you saying the RB position is devalued. 

The Packers had a bye and Jordy Nelson was still open. 

The AFC North is the NFL's best division and they carry the weight of the Browns being terrible. 

Sam Bradford actually starting playing well near the end of last year, under Chip Kelly. That trend has continued. Maybe Chip was right. But that goes against the popular narrative. 

Jimmy Graham has his best game since 2014. He made contested catches and adjusted to the ball very well. He still can't block, but he's a threat in the passing game again. 

Paxton Lynch has a cannon. 

Jared Goff still isn't a starter. Actually everyone's noticed this but I have to keep pointing it out. He got so much hype all of last year and like I said, he's a bust. 

Thanks for reading.