The Historic Fall of Kevin Sumlin

By MrWhitejack
Nov. 25, 2016


A season that started off with so much promise has burnt down to ashes. A coach that once was the number one candidate for The "Comeback Coach of The Year Award" has taken a back seat to Mike MacIntyre of Colorado. Remember in week 1 of The College Football season when The Texas A&M Aggies beat The UCLA Bruins in Overtime? Remember on October 8, 2016, when The Aggies had a big lead on The Tennessee Vols, allowed them to comeback and tied the game and needed to beat them in dramatic Double-Overtime fashion? Yes, Sumlin and The Aggies looked like the hottest kid on the College Football block until The Fat Elephant proved the Nation wrong on October 22. However, despite the Tide showing us that the Aggies were frauds, The SEC's Sugar Daddy still had them ranked #4 in the first week of their 2016 CFP Poll. Instead of the Aggies making their Sugar Daddy look smart, they went on to lose to General Jefferson Davis' Troops in two consecutive weeks and the rest was history. A coach whose seat cooled off after a 6-0 start heated right back up after a 2-4 finish. The big question that Sumlin needs to answer is this

What Happend After that loss to King Bama?

Texas A&m was just not the same after that game. Injuries were already piling up to key players after they defeated the Dirty Pigs back on September 26, then in the Bama game, it seemed as if the Aggies hit a brick wall and never recovered from the concussion. Injuries to key players such as Quarterback Trevor Knight, Offensive Lineman Connor Lanfear, Receiver Ricky Seals-Jones, and Cornerback Preist Willis started to manifest. Today, after the nation watched the Aggies get man-handled by Derrius Guice on The Annual Fat Boy Day, Sumlin and The Aggies will most likely play in The Music City Bowl for the second straight season. Now if you don't remember what happened in the 2015 Music City Bowl, that was the coming out party for current Louisville Quarterback Lamar Jackson. Still confused? That was the game where Lamar Jackson gave the College Football World a Preview of what he's currently showcasing in 2016. Go back and watch highlights from that game when you get time.

"In the Bama game it seemed as if the Aggies hit a brick wall and nevered recovered from the concussion." ---Mr. White Jack

It's pretty disappointing, a team that was once highly favored as a CFP Contender has now turned into a Music City Bowl contender. Not only that but The Music City Bowl maybe Sumlin's last Bowl game as an Aggies coach. Some thought he was going to be fired last year after losing three Quarterbacks. Now a question that someone needs to ask Sumlin is why did he abandon the up-tempo spread option? Now Mr. White Jack understands that in order to be the best, you must beat the best; and King Bama is the Master of the SEC, so if you want to be like them you must replicate yourself like them. Well not necessarily. It's pretty obvious that SEC coaches either have short-term memory or are just too stupid to realize King Bama's Kryptonite. Ohio State revealed it in 2015, Clemson revealed it last season, and Hugh Freeze continuously reveals it yearly. Even Sumlin's own Johnny Manziel revealed it. The Aggies problem was never its offense, it was its defense. Sumlin did a good job of improving his defense, but he went away from a style of offense that proved costly in 2016. Mr. White Jack is a fan of Sumlin because there are not too many Black Head Coaches in the Power 5, so the few that are there should be cheered for; however, this is a business, and the only color that matters in the College Football Business is green. Wherever job he lands in 2017, Sumlin needs to go back to an offense that worked well from his days in Houston & The Johnny Manziel Era.

Thanks for reading. This is Mr. White Jack writing out of "The Sweet Cannabis Aroma" of Denver, Colorado! Peace.