Eagles Walk Off on Record Field Goal

The Eagles were preparing for overtime when their young kicker ran over to the coaches begging for a chance to set the new franchise record for the longest field goal. They had dominated the first half; going into halftime up 7-0. They then finished up the third quarter up 14-0 and looked to be firmly in control.

Then the fourth quarter came around and the game began to unravel. It all started as the Giants found their offense and drove down the field early in the third quarter. Eli Manning started to find open creases and drove down field. He found Odell Beckham Jr in the endzone where he was promptly flagged for his very unusual celebration of acting as a dog relieving himself in the endzone

The Eagles then got the ball back and had a chance to run down the clock. But, on the first play, Carson Wentz hit Zach Ertz on an out route. He then turned up field but had the ball poked out by Eli Apple and the Giants had a short field to tie the game up. Manning did just that with a 4 yard pass to Beckham. He promptly sent a message by raising his fist in the air as his show of protest to the words of the POTUS last week.

The Giants defense continued to step up with a stop of the Eagles offense on the following drive and they had to punt. Manning then led the Giants on a two play drive where he hit a home run throw to Sterling Shephard for 77 yards and a score. They went up 21-14 and the game looked bleak for the Eagles.

The Eagles then find their feet as they punched back with a 15 yard rushing touchdown by Corey Clement. The big story on this drive though, was the huge pass interference call on Eli Apple that gave the Eagles 36 free yards. On a broken play, Wentz roled out to the right. Alshon Jeffrey realized the play was broken after running his hitch, and decided to sprint deep for a chance at a big play. He easily beat Apple to the goalline where Wentz put the ball up for Jeffrey. Instead of turning to try and play the ball, Apple literally tackled Jeffrey and was flagged.

The two teams then exchanged field goals as neither of them could put the game away. The Giants then punted as they ran the clock down as far as they could while trying to drive. This is where the magic began. They got the ball back with 13 seconds and threw an incomplete pass. Wentz then found Jeffrey for 19 yards along the right sideline where he ran out of bounds to stop the clock. This brings us back to Elliot begging for a chance at a 61 yard field goal after missing a 52 yarder earlier in the game. Pederson figured he had nothing to lose and gave the rookie a chance. Elliot lined up with a surreal calm as he lined up his kick. He hit it with ease as the world erupted at the almost impossible win. Now Elliot is a household name in Philly.