Holiday vs Rondo: Will the Pelicans backcourt work?!

Now the New Orleans Pelicans have officially signed Rajon Rondo, it's time to discuss if this is a a genius move or a low money risk.

Earlier in the off-season, New Orleans signed Jrue Holiday to a 5-year, $126M deal (another risky move) only to then sign a championship winner soon after. 

So the big question, is Rondo the backup PG? Or do they try and fit Holiday alongside him as the SG? 

We know they'll play minutes together, that cant be denied, but they both need to be the best versions of themselves. This means playoff Rondo and all-star Holiday. 

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jrue wasn't at his best last season, no training camp and the adjustment that had to be made at the half way mark due to the addition of DeMarcus Cousins meant he was hesitant to score and couldn't develop the team and their play on the perimeter. 

The addition  of Rondo should help Holiday become more aggressive and take over as the third option offensively. 

The risk with Rondo is the same as always, are you going to get playoff Rondo? Or Dallas Mavericks Rondo? 

He wasn't a problem in Chicago last season, but he seemed to lack motivation and effort on the court between October and April, which led to him spending more time on the bench.  

I wonder if this move has been made to keep DeMarcus Cousins happy. He liked their partnership during their time in Sacramento and has made this well known to the media. Or has the move been orchestrated by the Pelicans to finally pick up a decent contract while also getting someone who can create chances for his dominant big men? 

Like every team in the West, the Pelicans will need all of their talent to gel and perform like never before, because missing out on the playoffs is out of the question.