Christmas In July

The Dodgers will be the N.L Favorite going forward.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers just pulled of a Christmas miracle and ownership must be on cloud nine right now. The Los Angles Dodgers are now the new favorite to win the World Series. Mat Latos is indeed coming to the Dodgers after all, and the trade got even better with the Braves. According to's Jim Bowden, the trade also involves the Atlanta Braves, who would send talented young left-hander Alex Wood, closer Jim Johnson, lefty reliever Luis Avilan and minor league infielder Jose Peraza to the Dodgers. (ESPN News Service), Jim Bowden.

I am so excited this trade is amazing for the Dodgers in so many ways. The Dodgers even get to keep their best prospects and that is amazing. The question will still remain will the Dodgers trade Yasiel Puig? I would be shocked if they trade him, and that is because he has a lot of talent and he provides depth on the team.

The loser in the trade is the Marlins and that is because they won't receive top flight prospects. I am really not sure what they gain at all other than a fire sell. The Marlins are not new to quitting early and hoping next year will be the year. The Marlins had a huge trade a couple years prior with the Blue Jays. I feel bad for Stanton he must be really vexed by the front office.

The Braves got a couple decent prospects and at the end of the day rebuilding is new to them. The Braves needed to move Alex Wood and Jim Johnson. I can see them bouncing back and being back in the playoffs in a year or two. The Braves have really solid ownership and a very extravagant park on the way potentially. "In return, the Braves will receive minor league infielder Hector Olivera -- signed just two months ago to a six-year, $62.5 million deal -- as well as minor league pitcher Zack Bird, injured reliever Paco Rodriguez, according to reports, and the Marlins' compensation draft pick." (ESPN News Service) Maybe, Hector will be the adding flare in the rebuilding process.

Baseball showed today anything can happen at a deadline a trade can be cancelled, or a major deal can go down that was on the verge of not happening at all. The Dodgers are now the most interesting team to follow. I bet Vin Scully is leaping for joy and hoping that this will be the year that they win the World Series.


Kristopher M. Newcome