Is There Life for the Patriots After Brady?

We are currently entering Week 15 and rumors are ramping up about Patriots star QB Tom Brady leaving New England and going elsewhere such as Tennessee, which to me seems unlikely with the play of Tannehill lately. The Patriots are a team that is focused on the upcoming week, but the Patriots might need to start thinking just a little on a future without the GOAT. So who can the Patriots look towards in free agency at the end of the season? Here is my list on who I believe the Pats should make a run at for their possible opening at the QB1 spot:

1. Teddy Bridgewater

This has been my number 1 go to QB that I bring up every time whenever I discuss this topic. I loved Bridgewater since his first start in Minnesota. This year he took over for Drew Brees and showed everyone that he can still play and win even after his leg injury in 2016. In just 5 games this season he has won all 5, especially 1 against Seattle. Rumor has it he wants to stay in New Orleans and play after the Drew Brees era, but right now Bridgewater is the top free agent QB right now.

2. Jameis Winston

This was a tough decision on who to put as number 2 on the list, but after thinking about it, Jameis is my number 2 man. At the time I'm writing this Jameis is the league leader in 5 different categories. These include total passing yards, pass yards per game, pass yards per completion, total pass attempts, and infamously most interceptions. The issue I see isn't even the interceptions, my problem is that he is still 7-7 with Mike Evans who would be a number 1 receiver hands down on New England. Winston has perfect potential on a team that struggles to run the ball and that always seems to be the case for New England.

3. Dak Prescott/Ryan Tannehill

I have some honorable mentions coming up, but these two are barely above honorable mention material. These two have proven that they can win in the NFL and have proven they can perform in crunch time and somewhat consistently. Now these two I don't believe will ever happen. I don't see Dak leaving Dallas and after this season I think Tannehill will be overpaid, which New England rarely does.

Honorable Mentions:

AJ McCarron, Marcus Mariota, Phillip Rivers, Cam Newton (highly unlikely)