Why I wasn't rooting for the Cubs in the World Series

As many people know, I am a White Sox fan.  Despite not having a winning season since 2012 and not making the playoffs since 2008, I hold onto my loyalty.  I've seen teams that have lost almost 100 games, as well as teams who have won almost 100 games.  

Being from the Chicago area, many people couldn't seem to figure out why I wasn't rooting for the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs.  I would often cite my loyalty to the team on the South Side.  Many people wouldn't buy that though.  "You're from Chicago, the Cubs are from Chicago?  Don't you want to see your city win a championship?"  No.  Any year the team I'm rooting for falls short of the World Series makes the year unsuccessful.  

I also cited the fact that the Cleveland Indians are division rivals with the Chicago White Sox.  The White Sox played the Indians 19 times throughout the season.  In those 19 games, the White Sox only won 8 games.  From May 23rd to August 17, the Indians beat the White Sox 7 consecutive times.  On the year, the White Sox and Cubs played 4 times and split the season series at 2 games apiece.  The White Sox and the Cubs both won the 2 games in their home ballpark. I'd rather see a team that makes my White Sox look stupid for 19 games a year win a World Series championship.

I've also been able to see 6 previous championships from major Chicago sports teams before we saw the Cubs win.  I have been alive to see the 1997 and 1998 Bulls championship teams, the 2005 White Sox World Series team, and the 2010, 2013, and 2015 Blackhawks Stanley Cup championship wins.  As a fan of most Chicago teams, I wasn't needing to root for another trophy right away.

To the Cubs fans, congratulations on your first championship in 108 years.  You gave the city of Chicago something to believe in and helped prove that we are the true City of Champions.  Now can we all go back to sharing our love for the miserable Chicago Bears?

-Jon Opiela, @jonopiela24