Wizards get their first win of the season, get their fourth loss on a back to back.

The good news is the Washington Wizards got their first win of the season against the Atlanta Hawks, avenging their first loss of the season. The bad news is, the next night the Wizards reverted back to what we have seen so far this season. Throwing the game away in the 4th quarter against the Orlando Magic is not what the Wizards were looking for. Coming off a long, close game against the Hawks, without John Wall? I would take a seven point lead going into the 4th quarter all season long. But alas the Wizards found a way to blow the lead. 

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Playing the second game of a back to back means a lot of things. One, the team will be tired from playing the night before, meaning the bench needs to step up their production. Two, the minutes should be spread out due to lack of energy, especially with the starting point guard of the team out because of his rehab process. In his first game starting, Wizards rookie Tomas Satoransky played exactly how you would want a rookie point guard to play on a back to back. Satoransky was 4-7 from the field, tallied three assists and turned the ball over once, you can't ask for much more from him. 

As for the rest of the bench I was mildly impressed. Marcus Thornton shooting 4-8 from the field isn't terrible, and Andrew Nicholson posting nine points and four rebounds against his former team is nice, but they should be playing more minutes. With the offseason the Wizards had, acquiring so many free agents, you would think minutes would go down for the starters. Marcin Gortat is 13th in the league in minutes per game, Brad is 20th and John is 27th per sportingcharts.com. Once Ian Mahinmi starts to play for the Wizards, Gortat's minutes should fall, but having three starters playing that many minutes per game is not ok, especially this early in the season.

Hopefully Scott Brooks can have somewhat of a solid rotation of spread minutes come game time against the Houston Rockets in the Verizon Center this Monday night. 

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports