Ryan's College Football Playoff Top 10

By ryanmacdonald
Nov. 18, 2015

1. Clemson Tigers 

Struggling against an underrated Syracuse team isn't enough to bring this team down this week. With an easy schedule ahead, this team should have no problem rolling into the playoff has a high seed. 

2. Ohio State 

Though this team has played a very mediocre schedule they have taken care of business early in games giving the other teams very little chance for an upset. Last year's National Champions have a tough schedule ahead with games vs. Michigan State and at Michigan. I think that one of these teams will beat the Buckeyes, but if they are able to slip through and complete the undefeated season this team will be the number one ranked team overall. 

3. Alabama

The committee has this team at number two which is two high in my mind especially as Ole Miss continues to slide. Had the Rebels stayed a one-loss team, I would have the Crimson Tide in that number two spot. That said, the Crimson Tide have played a very tough schedule and are now at the weaker part of their schedule playing Charleston and Auburn which should be two easy wins. This team continues to gain momentum and should be a playoff lock. 

4. Oklahoma State

Though the Baylor loss has opened up a gaping hole for the Cowboys, he committee still has them in the sixth spot behind Iowa and Notre Dame which is lucrative. They have played a weak schedule but had a key win against TCU. Their next two games will be vital (Baylor and Oklahoma.) But, even with these two wins, the Cowboys could the Baylor of last year and left out of the playoff if the other teams win out. Let's hope for the committee's sake that they lose one of these last two games. 

5. Notre Dame 

The committee had the Fighting Irish at four but that is too high based on their strength of schedule. The Fighting Irish have only played one team currently ranked in the Top 25. However, that team just so happens to be the #1 team in the nation in Clemson. Though they handled them well, they have had no other real tests. Stanford's loss last week has a very negative effect on this program  as the two teams meet in their final game of the season. 

6. Florida 

There's no question people are overlooking the one-loss Gators. Their one loss comes to a very good team in the LSU Tigers. The official college football rankings have the Gators ranked #8 which is quite absurd. This team is very similar to another one-loss team; Alabama (with the exception of the Gators slightly weaker schedule). Alabama lost to a three-loss Ole Miss team which Florida handled easily, 38-10. Assuming both teams remain undefeated, an SEC Championship between the two teams should give the victor a guaranteed playoff spot. 

7. Baylor 

8. Michigan State 

9. Iowa 

10. Oklahoma

They lost to the Texas Longhorns. That is all.