Ryan's Top 10 Mock Draft

By ryanmacdonald
Apr. 28, 2016

1). Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff

Great teams have great quarterbacks which is undoubtedly the reason the Rams cleared house in order to bring a potential franchise quarterback to their new home; Los Angeles.

2). Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz

With the unrest surrounding Sam Bradford, the Eagles traded an extensive amount of picks in order to get their quarterback.

3). San Diego Chargers: Laremy Tunsil

With the first two picks seeming like locks, the Chargers have a multitude of options here. They have needs at OT, DE, and could use a solid addition to their secondary. However, they select the most pro-ready player in the draft to protect their franchise quarterback, OT Laremy Tunsil.

4). Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey

Though Jerry Jones is having some DeMarco Murray withdrawls, and is tempted to pick Ezekiel Elliot, however the Cowboys will select CB/S Jalen Ramsey, the most talented player in the draft. Jones will also be tempted to pick a very explosive Defensive End in Joey Bosa but, after a big miss in the 2012 draft with Morris Claiborne, he realizes the dire need for a strong secondary. In my opinion, the way the Cowboys should approach the draft is as follows.

1st round: Jalen Ramsey or Joey Bosa depending on availability.

2nd round: Derrick Henry. Though he has been criticized over his speed, the Cowboys best offensive line in the NFL could open huge gaps for Henry creating a one on one matchup between a 250 lb tank of a running back and a cornerback. Though he may not be an initial starter he is a great 3rd-4th down back.

3rd round: Go get your quarterback. Though this draft’s quarterback class doesn’t match last year’s in its overall talent, it surpasses it in depth. With an early third round pick, the likes of Connor Cook, Christian Hackenburg, Kevin Hogan, or Dak Prescott could potentially be available. Get a quarterback of the future and let him develop behind Romo.

5). Jacksonville Jaguars: Joey Bosa

The Jaguars desperately need a star; and with many analysts comparing him to JJ Watt, Bosa could be just that and more.

6). Baltimore Ravens: Ronnie Stanley

The Ravens desperately need an upgraded offensive line to protect Joe Flacco and Ronnie Stanley should prove to be a solid starter.

7). San Francisico 49ers: Paxton Lynch

This is a very controversial projection as the 49ers desperately need help in rushing the quarterback but, with Kaepernick seemingly done with the team, the 49ers go out on a limb here and pick the third best quarterback in the draft.

8). Cleveland Browns: Myles Jack

Ah, where do I even start with the needs of the Cleveland Browns.. The Browns need as many players as they can get as shown in their acquisition of numerous picks in exchange for their number 2 overall pick. With so many needs, the Browns just pick the best player available here in Myles Jack.

9). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vernon Hargreaves

The Bucs secondary had a horrendous season and need any help they can get. Hargreaves is a very versatile shutdown corner which could be a starter from the get-go. 

10). New York Giants: DeForest Buckner

With Buckner sliding, the Giants pick up a phenomenal player in a needed position after the loss of Justin Pierre Paul due to injury. The Giants will have a big decision to make between Buckner and DE Leonard Floyd.