End Of The Season Player Evaluation: Terry Rozier

Now that the 2018-2019 season is over every week I will evaluate one player and give them a grade.

Terry Rozier: D

Scary Terry went from scaring the other opponents to scaring the fans whenever step onto the court. Throughout the season Terry Rozier had to be the most fusterating player to watch on the court. He never fully embraced his role and it showed when he step onto the court.

Rozier wanted a bigger role for himself after he took a leap last season. Last season when Kyrie was out with a knee injury Rozier took on the challenge. He average 11.3 ppg with a .395 field goal percentage and a .381 three-point percentage. In the playoffs Scary Terry was born. In the post season he average 16.5 ppg and 5.7 apg.

This season with the return of Kyrie Irving, Rozier went back to the bench and he return to his normal role. Instead of embracing his role he sulked and took a major step back. This season Terry Rozier average 9 ppg with a .387 field goal percentage and a .353 three-point percentage.

His numbers took a dive from last year and when Rozier went on a media run he complain about his touches compare to Gordon Hayward. Rozier had a 18.6% usage compare to Hayward 19%. Hayward average 25.9 minutes per game compare to Rozier 22.7 minutes per game.

Terry Rozier media run showed he was part of the problem for the Celtics disappointing season. Instead of making the best out of his situation he made things worse with his poor defense and forcing up terrible shots. He is a restricted free agent and the Celtics need to think long and hard if they want to bring him back.

Terry Rozier showed this season that he think about himself and he not a team player which is why I gave him a D.