No patience for Kubiak

 There are a lot of things I could talk about dealing with the NFL; the Cowboys, the fact that the Panthers are terrible this year, the fact the Packers are starting to roll or the “what happens now” to the Raiders with the loss of Derek Carr but I’m not. There is something else that has caught my attention and that something is the Denver Broncos, or per say Bronco fans. If you haven’t heard or read about it, the Denver Bronco fans have started a petition to get rid of Gary Kubiak, the Bronco’s head coach. You can read about it here in an article by Zack Kelberman.

Now in the article it talks about what the petition is about. It is a petition to Elway describing how Kubiak isn’t a good enough coach to keep his job. Here is how I see it, Kubiak has earned his job in my opinion. Kubiak got you to the Super Bowl and you won. Now in the offseason you lost your two starting Qb’s, and you lost some starting defensive players. During the season your O-line is worn down and it effects your Qb and your run game. Speaking of your run game that went downhill when Anderson got hurt. Your Qb, Trevor Siemian, played once in 2015 and his stats for that one game are -1 yard. Siemian is learning how to be a starting Qb at the same time Paxton Lynch, a rookie, is learning how to play in the NFL. Also, how I see it is the Broncos don’t have a star wide receiver. I’m not saying Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas are not good receivers because they are, but they need to step it up or Broncos need to start shopping.

On defense, they can’t stop the run game and that hurts a team. The defensive line could use some improvements as well. You have cornerbacks and safeties who are 30 or are getting close to 30.

Now to me this is about the roster more than some questionable plays or coaching style. So I think either the fans are petitioning the wrong person and need to petition Elway or the Bronco fans just need to hold on a minute and wait. I get it you are frustrated, you won the Super Bowl last year and now aren’t even in the playoffs but it could be worse.