Aaron Rodgers Hasn't Spoken To His Family In Two Years, Skipped His Grandfather's Funeral

The Green Bay Packers have been very bad in 2016. They are 4-5 and losers of the three straight. Their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, hasn't had the best season either. Since the Denver lost last season, Rodgers has a mediocre passer rating of 87.5. That is well of is career passer rating of 103.3. 

Many people have been trying to figure out what's happened to the great Aaron Rodgers? Well, the answer may have something to do with his family according to Bleacher Report. Apparently, he hasn't spoken to his family in two years. 

One source, who was close to Rodgers for years but is among the many who have since been cut off by Rodgers entirely, said the quarterback has not spoken to his family since December 2014. Don't feel too bad, J-Mike. Immediate family members don't even have his cellphone number. When Mom and Dad sent Christmas presents to the quarterback and his girlfriend that year, the source said, those gifts were mailed back in February. He was set to be the groomsman in the wedding of one of his closest friends, the source said, and texted the day before he couldn't attend.

He didn't attend his grandfather's funeral—the same grandfather he once called before every game.

He fired a business manager he's known since high school.

The family was told they were no longer welcome in Green Bay. If Dad wants to attend a game now, he buys tickets on StubHub or goes through another player's family.

The source believes this could be the reason for Rodgers' poor play of late. 

"You can't live like that, man. The people who live like that end up getting f--ked over. That's kind of what's happening here, but he's so prideful and will never admit he's wrong. Ever."

If we can take anything away from this it's that Aaron Rodgers is a weird dude. Who knows if his bad play is because of his disconnect with head coach Mike McCarthy or his broken family situation. Either way, this isn't the first source to come out and say Rodgers was a weird guy. 

The book highlights several issues between the two quarterbacks that not only soured the relationship between them, but also created a rift in the team, including Rodger’s first words to Favre which were “Good morning, Grandpa.”

Favre did not appreciate the comment and Rodgers was met with a puzzled glare and some silence. Things would only get worse from there as Rodgers would constantly remind Favre about how his Wonderlic test score was higher than his. Rodgers scored a 35 while Favre only managed to score 22. According to the book, Rodgers came in as a brash and arrogant rookie and rubbed many of his teammates the wrong way.

Rodgers would also make it a point to always sit in the front row during team meetings and constantly raised his hand to answer all of the coaching staff’s questions. Eventually, Donald Driver – a veteran wide receiver and one of Favre’s closest friends on the team – pulled Rodgers aside and said to him:

“Aaron, we get it. You’re smart. Now shut the f*** up!”

Who would want a teammate like Rodgers? No one that's who. Now let's not take away from Rodgers' ability and skill. That guy has the best arm in football and that's a fact. However, maybe if Rodgers' head was on straight he would have more than just one Super Bowl ring. 

This is how the last five seasons have ended for Rodgers:

-After going 15-1, lost to New York Giants (AT HOME) in divisional round of playoffs 

-Lost to 49ers, in Rodgers' home state, where he was outplayed by Colin Kaepernick 

-Lost to 49ers AGAIN (AT HOME), after beating the Chicago Bears on last day of the season to get into playoffs 

-Lost to Seattle Seahawks in NFC title game after leading almost the entire game 

-Lost to Arizona Cardinals in divisional round of playoffs after leading most of the game and sending it to overtime with a Hail Mary 

If Rodgers wants to shut up his haters, he's going to need to get the Packers back in Super Bowl contention. If he does that there may not be questions about Aaron Rodgers the football player, but rather Aaron Rodgers the man.