Chipper Jones is going to ESPN

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones is going to be working for ESPN. The network announced on Monday, Chipper Jones has been hired as an analyst for ESPN's Major League Baseball coverage.

According to Carroll Rogers Walton of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jones will work Wednesday night games as an analyst for ESPN. Jones, replaces David Ross, who was hired as the manager of the Chicago Cubs during the offseason. Jones, is set to make his ESPN debut on opening day which is March 26th. His very first assignment is the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, we hello Chipper, you will have a debut you will never forget. Jones will also be working holiday games for the network.

What does Chipper Jones bring to the table, He's 2nd in Braves history in hits {2,726} and in RBI's {1,623} and 3rd in home runs {468}. If you look at the rest of Chipper's numbers you will see what more I mean.

.303/.401/.529 OPS of .930

That is what Chipper Jones is brining to the table, oh yeah I almost forgot about the World Series ring with the '95 Braves. I do remember the team of the 90's, they could have won more but they needed Mariano Rivera or some better pitching, but that's history. Chipper Jones was a first ballot hall of famer because of his numbers, he got inducted in 2018 with 97.2% of the vote, That is what he's brining to the table.

Here's my take..

Chipper Jones was my sister's favorite player, she had a crush on him while in high school, no joke on that. But in all seriousness Chipper Jones going to ESPN is a good thing for the network. As for David Ross I wish him the best of luck with the Chicago Cubs. Jones is not the only analyst form the Braves team of the 90's. John Smoltz went to Fox and is now working with Joe Buck, I need to step away because I feel bad for John on that one. The bottom line is this I am looking forward to seeing what Chipper is capable of as an analyst, he was a fantastic ball player. I think he will do well at ESPN. And I wish Chipper Jones the best of luck as he starts his new gig with the network.

Bottom Line..