Here's a National League Wrap-up For 2019 MLB Season.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY SportsGary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everybody, last night I did a American League wrap-up of the 2019 Major League Baseball Season. Tonight it's the National League wrap-up of 2019. This year in the National League we saw the Los Angeles Dodgers just dominate.

We also saw the Chicago Cubs, three years ago it was a celebration, in 2019 they finished the season with a 9 game losing streak. We also saw a Rookie Sensation by the name of Pete Alonso, and we also saw an MVP Race that sadly ended earlier expected.

N.L. East..

The Atlanta Braves won the National League East in 2019. And yes Braves Won there 1st division title in years. Ronald Acuna Jr was a huge player in that feat. The Braves won the East while the Washington Nationals took the wild-card.

This was a team lost Bryce Harper to the Philadelphia Phillies during the offseason. But it was pitcher Stephen Strasburg who did a lot of damage on the mound. But what about Bryce Harper, when Harper went to the Phillies to the Phillies everybody was thinking has Harper lost their mind. The Phillies struggled most of the season, and Bryce Harper was supposed to be the Savoir, he was a flop. Nice going Bryce Harper, you took the Phillies in the wrong direction.

But Pete Alonso was not. The New York Mets may have found their future superstar. Alonso will be Rookie Of The Year in 2019, and yes he deserves it. The Mets also did win won 86 ballgames this season. So yes look for Pete Alonso to be ROY this year.

N.L. Central..

The St Louis Cardinals took the National League Central in 2019. It took all the way to the final day of the season but it happened. The Cardinals were down and out in the middle of the season, but after the All-Star Break that's when the Cardinals caught fire. Marcell Ozuna, Paul Goldschmidt, And the Cardinals Pitching is what got it done for St Louis.

The Milwaukee Brewers clinched the wild-card on the final day of the season. But go back just a month or two to when Christian Yellich got hurt and was unable to play the rest of the season, everybody was saying that the Brewers we done, but the Brewers did just exactly the opposite, they went on a tear the rest of the season and clinched the 2nd wild-card.

But as for the Chicago Cubs, they finished the season with a 9-game losing streak. And yes the Cubs decided not to renew Joe Maddon's contract as Manager of the team, Maddon is expected to become the new Manger of the LA Angels next season. Former Cubs Catcher David Ross has shown intertest in managing the Cubs. The current ESPN color commentator has said "The Chicago Cubs Job is the best in baseball." But Joe Maddon's Disappointment started late in the season and It just went down hill.

The Pittsburgh Pirates also fired manager Clint Hurdle after a 69-win season, the worst under Hurdle, So what's next for the Pirates, they will need to find a new manager and get some help somewhere.

N.L. West..

It was all about the Dodger Blue in the National League west in 2019. The Los Angeles Dodgers had no trouble winning the NL West at all. Thank the pitching of Kershaw, Ryu and the Hitting for the dominance out west. The Dodgers are the team to beat in 2019 in the National League, they were the only team to win over 100 ballgames, 105 to be exact, the most in history. So here's the $64 question can anybody stop the Dodgers in the postseason. I can't answer that for you, however I do know for sure the Dodgers will get the winner of the wild-card game on Tuesday night.

The Final Take..

The Los Angeles Dodgers are obviously the odds on favorites to win it all. But don't sleep on any of these teams. The Dodgers have a team, however since the mid 80's the Cardinals have had the Dodgers number in the postseason. The Braves almost won 100 games and they have a team that could be back in the fall classic. But as far as the wild-card game, If either the Brewers-or-Nationals survive the Dodgers in the Division Series that's opens the door for the taking.

Here's How it shapes out..

Wild-Card Game, Brewers-Nationals Tuesday Night 8:00 On TBS.

Cardinals Vs Braves Game 1 Thursday at 5:00 On TBS.

Wild-Card Winner Vs Dodgers Game 1 Thursday at 8:30 On TBS.

And that's only the beginning, it will get crazy right out of the gate..