Patrick Mahomes is injured in ChiefsVictory Over Broncos.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This ladies and gentleman is a picture of a distraught Patrick Mahomes. The Injury came after he was piled on during a QB Sneak in the 2nd quarter he was helped off the field during the Chiefs-Broncos game on Thursday Night in the Kansas City Chiefs 30-6 win tonight over the Denver Broncos.

The Chiefs announced that Mahomes would not return to the game. Kansas City head coach Andy Reid was told be Mahomes himself that he would be okay because Mahomes told him on his way out. Mahomes was in the X-RAY Room for about 2 minutes, and that's when the Chiefs announced that Mahomes was out for the rest of the game.

Patrick Mahomes went 10-of-11 for 76 yards and a touchdown before he got injured and had to leave the game. Backup QB Matt Moore came in and went 10-of-19 for 117 yards and a touchdown of his own after he came in for the injured Mahomes.

After the game Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told reporters afterwards " Patrick is one tough customer and he will be back. The best thing about it is we have some down time before Green Bay comes to town on Oct 27th. So does this injury worry us, Yes it does, But I feel good about the team as a whole.

The other thing that the Kansas City Chiefs had going for them was the Denver Broncos horrible offense. The Chiefs defense was on fire, they sacked Joe Flacco a record eight times. They also drew three holding penalties on a grabby left tackle Garrett Boles.

The Broncos also went 1-of-13 on third down on Thursday Night and Noah Fant dropped three passes that could have given him 100 or more yards receiving for the game.

Fox Sports Analyst Troy Aikman said that " It's something that there are more people still here after how bad the Broncos Offense has played."

But the people that stayed were treated to more flags and dropped balls and the Broncos fans let the Denver players have it with a round of Boo's on the way out.

Here's My Take..

Patrick Mahomes getting injured was not good, but is it the end of the world, not on your life. Mahomes got injured in week 5 against the Colts when he had an ankle injury. The Chiefs have some extra time to prepare for the Packers and Patrick Mahomes has plenty of time to recover form the Knee injury.

But as far as the Broncos Offense, it was offensive to watch. Dropped passes along with stupid penalties and going 1-of-13 on third down, YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. And the Broncos offensive line needs to work on protecting the Quarterback, Joe Flacco got Sacked eight times, can't do that boys.

The Broncos had a cahcne to turn the AFC west upside down, they couldn't put it in the end zone tonight. The Chiefs on the other hand are recovering form losing their last two games. But despite losing their star player, The Chiefs are still in good shape.

The Vegas Sports Super Book has dropped the Chiefs Odds on reaching the Super Bowl and winning the AFC Championship with the Mahomes Injury.

We don't know Mahomes status for the Packers Game, However Chiefs head coach Andy Reid remains confident in the Chiefs as a team.

Bottom Line..