The 2019 MLB American League Season is over. Now Here's a Lookback.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the end of the 2019 MLB season and what a season it was. we saw a NL MVP that ended early because of injury. We also saw Pete Alonso make a name for himself. We also saw the World Champion Boston Red Sox struggle all season.

I am going to give you my take on each division in Major League Baseball in 2019, so now kick back and look back at the season.

The A.L. East..

The American League East was the division that saw the New York Yankees go crazy with the long ball. Despite all of the injuries it was Aaron Judge who was the Judge hitting home runs right and left. With the support of Gleyber Torres and others the Yankees would go on to have the 2nd best record In baseball. The Boston Red Sox on the other hand, let's just say it was all over in April. The Red Sox had nothing and the A.L. Cy Young Award winner Chris Sale was just a Nightmare. The Tampa Bay Rays got into the postseason for the 5th time in Franchise history and the Rays are an underdog going into the postseason, keep that in mind.

The A.L. West..

The American League West went to the Houston Astros, They also clinched the best record in baseball in 2019. So here's the $64 question, how did they do it. Well for starters it was the pitching. Justin Verlander, he had the best record as a starter. Gerrit Cole, he was great in a supporting role. Zack Grenke, when he came over form the Diamondbacks it was what the Astros expected. It was the pitching for the Astros and that's the main reason why we will see the Astros in the Postseason. Don't forget about the Oakland A's, they had a season to remember, we will see them in the American League Wild-Card Game This week.

The A.L. Central..

The American League Central was the surprise for me this season. The Minnesota Twins took the American League Central, That's ends the Cleveland Indians chokehold of the division. The Minnesota Twins Did with hitting and pitching. Eddie Rosario was one of the Main hitters for the Twins, And yes he had support. The Twins won over 100 ballgames for the first time since 1965. They were also the First Team this season to hit over 300 home runs. The Twins cruised into the League Division series. The Cleveland Indians not only their Division chokehold come to an end, they also saw their playoff streak come to an end as well. It was over for the Indians early in the season. At one point the Twins had an 11 game lead back in May. However the Indians had a 1/2 game lead, only to watch everything possible going wrong. go back to the new York road trip, the Indians went 2-5 and form their it was bad. The Indians will not be in the postseason this year, But the Indians will have some questions to answer during the offseason.

Now The Final take..

All 3 division winners won 100 games or more, that's the 1st time that has ever happened in the Wild-Card era to my knowledge. This year's World Series Champion could come form the American League, but we will not know until it gets closer to the Fall Classic. However I will say this, The Astros are the odds on favorite because they clinched Homefield throughout the Playoffs so lookout in Houston.

Here's the way it shapes out..

The American League Wild Card Game..

The Tampa Bay Rays Face The Oakland Athletics On Wednesday Night at 8:00 On ESPN.

The Winner Gets The Houston Astros In The League Division Series.

Then On Friday The League Division Series Starts..

Astros Against The Wild-Card Winner.

Twins Vs Yankees..

Let The Postseason Begin.