The MLB Trade Deadline, Has NL Teams Looking Hard.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night I Wrote About a Few American League Teams That Needed Help At The Trade Deadline. Now It's Time To Talk About The National League And I Will Say This Now I Have More Teams To Talk About.

Let's Get Started...

Atlanta Braves: The Braves Acquire Will Smith From The San Francisco Giants. This Is The Best For The Braves To Get a Closer, Unless The San Diego Padres Offer Up Kirby Yates. Yates Is a Good Closer Despite The Fact That The Padres Are Not Going Anywhere. But Don't Sleep On Will Smith, He Does Have 25 Saves And An ERA Of 2.75. So If The Braves Can Get Smith They Will Be In Good Shape.

The Braves Also Do Have Dallas Keuchel, The Former Houston Star, He Knows How To Get It Done, I Know He's Only 3-3 This Season, But He Has An ERA Of 3.58. The Braves Lost To The Nationals On This Thursday Night But The Braves Will Be In Better Shape Going Forward.

Washington Nationals: The Washington Nationals Acquire Shane Green. He's Under Team Control Until 2020 And That Could Be a HUGE HELP, And Here's Why. The Nationals Bullpen Has An ERA Of 5.93. So The Nationals Bullpen Needs Help They Are Only Better Than The Baltimore Orioles. So Now The Washington Nationals Could Find Themselves With Two Bullpen Pitchers.

Sam Dyson, He Has a 3-1 Record When He's a Starter, And He Does Know How To Hold a Lead With 16 Holds This Season And With a 2.74 ERA He Would Be Somebody I Want. Reyes Moronta, He Has a 2.70 ERA And He Does Have 11 Holds This Season. But He Has Four Blown Saves And He's 3-5 As a Starter. So If They Want To Use Moronta He Will Have To Be The Guy Who Can Hold a Lead.

Philadelphia Phillies: So Philly Fans I'm Sorry To Have To Say This, But You Will See No Help Coming. This Was a Phillies Team That Won The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes In The Offseason. But The Phillies Went The Route Of The Pitching Getting The Job Done. He's The Deal, The Phillies Are 17-23 Since The Start Of June. The Pitching Staff Ranks 26th In ERA, And Since May 22nd The Phillies Pitching Staff Has Had An ERA Of 5.26. The Phillies Have Blown So Many Saves I Have Quit Taking Count. The Starters Can't Go Deep Into Ballgames. The Pitching Is An Absolute Mess Up And Down.

They Need Help Badly And Now, However The Phillies Farm System Is Struggling With Injuries And With Prospects Not Hitting At All. So To Philadelphia Fans, I Will Keep Short And To The Point, " YOU ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE AND YOU WILL NOT GET ANY HELP."

Chicago Cubs: The Chicago Cubs Acquire Ken Giles From The Toronto Blue Jays. Giles Has 13 Saves This Season And With An ERA Of 1.69 How Can Anybody Pass on This Star. My Issue Is The Cubs Should Be Running Away With The National League Central But They Are Not. The Cubs Have a Run Differential Of Plus-67 While The Milwaukee Brewers Have a Run Differential Of Minus-24. So What's Going On.

A Couple Of The Cubs Bats Are Running Weak At The Moment With The Biggest Weakness Being Albert Almora Jr, He Hasn't Been Hitting Up To His Potential. Kyle Schwarber Is Only Hitting Just Above Average For The Major's And His Play In The Field Has Been Subpar At Best. So That's The Reason Why We Don't See The Cubs Running Away With The Division At The Moment.

St Louis Cardinals: The St Louis Cardinals Want To Trade Kelton Wong. Here's The Issue With The Cardinals, It's The Hitting. The Cardinals Rank 11th In The Majors In Runs Per Game. The Pitching For The Red Birds Is Third In Runs Allowed. So The Pitching Has Been Excellent, It's The Hitting.

Here's Three Big Sluggers To Think About In St Louis.

Kelton Wong: He Has 7 HR ,35 RBI's, .246/.329/.372 And His OPS Is .701, No Wonder The Cardinals Want To Trade.

Paul Goldschmidt: 18 HR, 43 RBI's, .251/.341/.433 And His OPS Is Better At .774, He Needs To Start Hitting Now. But Just Do Little Things Because That Will Improve The Numbers And It Will Win Ballgames.

Matt Carpenter: 10 HR, 29 RBI's, .215/.321/.376 And With His OPS Being Only .693 There's A lot Of Concern About Carpenter, Hey Matt I Know You Spent Some Time On The Injured List, But You Need To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Badly Because The Cardinals Are Still In a Battle For The National League Central. They Are Only 2.5 Games Back Of The Cubs At The Moment. And They Do Own The First Wild-Card Spot At The Moment.

The Pitchers Are Doing Their Part. It's The Hitters Ain't Hitting At The Moment And They Need To Wake Up NOW.

Arizona Diamondbacks: It's Very Simple, THEY NEED BULLPEN HELP!!!!!!!!!. As It Stands Right Now According To The Arizona Diamondbacks Have Only a 17% Chance Of Making The Postseason. But Here's The Problem, Do They Want To Try To Get Help In The Bullpen Or Do They Want To Keep Their Star Pitcher Zack Greinke, Keep In Mind He's Making $35 Million Over The Next Two Seasons. And We Can Forget About David Peralta Either, Peralta Is The Star In The Diamondbacks Offense.

Zack Greinke, He Has a 10-4 Record With a 2.95 ERA This Season And Has 114 Strikeouts This Season.

David Peralta, He May Only Have 9 Home Runs And 44 RBI's This Season, But He's Hitting .289 And Had An OPS Of .828

So If Anything Comes From The Diamondbacks Organization It Won't Be Major Because I Don't See Greinke Or Peralta Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.

Bottom Line...