The NFL Owners Are Proposing An 17 Game Schedule.

By Scott Manning
Sep. 27, 2019

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Owners are proposing a 17-game schedule, But there's a catch, they also have also proposed to due away with all of the NFL Preseason Games. The NFL Players Union has said they don't want that at the present time.

Here's The Deal, the NFLPA has said they are not interested in a 17-Game Season unless they get a bigger percentage of the revenue increase. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, has said the NFL Owners need to rethink what they are trying to do.

The NFL owners had imposed the start of the 2019 NFL season as a deadline for a New CBA. The Season has already started, however important progress has been made and a deal is getting closer. The current CBA expires at the end of the 2020 season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he feels confident that a deal will be done between the owners and the league by season's end and he hopes that the New CBA will just be as good.

Let's go back to July for a second, the NFL Owners tried to get an 18-game schedule but that was met with a thud by The League And The NFLPA. The Players Association said "we can't be having an 18-game schedule because we have so much playing time in the league and an 18-game schedule would be the worst thing in the NFL at this time."

Let's go back a couple of years, The same talks between the Owners and the NFLPA pitted Commissioner Roger Goodell against Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. both wanted two different things and the bottom line is talks broke down between the two of them and since then it's been one thing after another with Goodell And Jones.

Here's My Take..

No Matter What Happens With The New CBA With The NFL There's One Thing That Needs To Happen, The NFL Preseason Games Need To Be Done Away With. Okay We Might Keep The Hall-Of-Fame Game. But When The Players In The NFL Play Four Preseason Games And Somebody Gets Hurt And Is Lost For An Entire Season Your Season Goes Out The Window.

So Yes In My Opinion The NFL Preseason Needs To Go Away Before Something Else Happens To a Star Player In The League. If The Owners Want a 17-Game Schedule That's Fine, But They NFL Needs To Do Away With The Preseason Games Altogether. I Personally Would Like To See a 17-Game Season So This Way The Preseason Gets Cut Or Goes Away Altogether. Let's Face It, The Players Run The Risk Of Getting Hurt And Are Unable To Play, And I Want To See Star Players Play The Whole Game, Not Just a Series Or Two.

So In My Opinion When The Owners And The Players Association Get Together With The New CBA, It Should Include a Cut In Preseason Games Or None, And If They Want a 17-Game Season The Season Should Start Sooner.

Don't Forget, The Current CBA Expires At The End Of The 2020 Season.

Bottom Line..