The case for the Lakers to land LeBron James

It was reported this morning that LeBron James will opt out of his final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and become an unrestricted free agent once again. He has options such as staying home in Cleveland or join the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and possibly the Philadelphia 76ers. So let the decision episode three begin.

One of the teams that are favorite to land LeBron are the Los Angeles Lakers. Who has the most cap money in free agency but LeBron owns two mansions in LA and his wife wants to be their full time. This is the summer that Lakers president Magic Johnson who took over in 2017 as been waiting for but luring James isn’t going to be easy. First the Lakers would have to trade away Loul Deng, who is owed $36 million for the next two years. Free from Deng’s contract, the Lakers would have enough cap money to sign two max free agents. Now the Lakers are in talks with the Spurs to acquire Kawhi Leonard, who wants to be traded and has desire to be in LA where he is from. If the Lakers can land the two time defensive player of the year before free agency, there is guaranteed that LeBron will join the Purple and Gold.

The Lakers would have to give up a lot of young talent such as Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, possibly Josh Hart, two future first round picks. They would have to add Loul Deng as well in the trade. If the Lakers are able to acquire Leonard and free the Loul Deng contract, they can sign LeBron to a max deal and also sign Paul George to a max deal. Paul George is from LA and has desire to win a championship, he has ambition of joining the Lakers but he has not closed the door on resigning with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers must acquire Leonard and get rid of Loul Deng soon to persuade LeBron and PG to LA. The only problem would be, if the Lakers intend to keep Lonzo Ball as I think they will. The front office must confront Lonzo about his farther LaVar Ball’s behavior, let’s hope LaVar does not be the cause for LeBron not joining the Lakers.

But this free agency is huge for Magic Johnson and the Lakers. After 5 years of missing the postseason and the embarrassing tenure of Jim Buss, Magic Johnson’s goal is to turn the Lakers back into a championship team. Magic says that if he cannot turn the Lakers around in two years, he will resign as presiden of the Lakers. So if Magic Johnson, the five time NBA Champion for the Los Angeles Lakers wants to succeed as president of basketball operations and get the Lakers back in title contention, this summer is his chance to do just that and LeBron James is the player he needs.