What’s next in Portland?

The Portland Trail Blazers claimed the number 3 seed and faced off against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round and to only get swept, the Trail Blazers lost their first two home games before losing in a sweep 131-123 on Sunday and which Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday both combined for 88 points while Rajon Rondo dished 16 assists.

Throughout this series, the Blazers were out scored by the Pelicans 114.4-105.5. Jrue Holiday turned out to be a nightmare matchup for Lillard and McColum, Rondo would find ways to pass to the open man for the basket and was too quick for the Blazers defense, and no one on the Blazers roster was no match to contain Anthony Davis who throughout the series averaged 33 points and 12 rebounds shooting 57% from the field. But worst of all is that they got swept especially losing the first two while having home court advantage and being the higher seed. So the question now is, What’s next in Portland?

We do not know yet but here are some changes that the Blazers should make, First fire head coach Terry Stotts. Stotts is an excellent head coach that has been coaching the Blazers since 2012, the Blazers have made the postseason five times. The Blazers have gotten passed the first round twice but lost three times and never have yet made It to the conference finals. Stotts is a leader of men and his job is to get the Blazers to the next level, he has not done so and now after getting swept by the Pelicans, It would be no surprise if he is out of a job sooner. The Blazers need a coach just as determine if not more determine to win, names like Mark Jackson and David Fizdale comes to mind.

The Blazers need to shakeup the roster, the Blazers need to find more help for both Damien Lillard and CJ McColum. They need more big men, more defenders, and more shooters. That starts with trading for a superstar, first they need to see if the San Antonio Spurs have Kwahi Leonard available. If the Spurs decide to make Leonard available than the Blazers need to see what they have including future draft picks and make an offer for Kwahi. To add the two time defensive player of the year with two young athletic scorers in Damien Lillard and CJ McCollum, the Blazers would be much more of a threat in the West. If Paul George decides to leave OKC and the Thunder decide that they want to trade Carmelo Anthony, the Trail Blazers should jump on the offer. Last summer, CJ McCollum tried to push the Blazers to trade for Melo and McCollum tried to convince Melo to waive the no trade clause to join him and Lillard in Portland. Oh and trust me, Paul George is not going to Rip City if he leaves OKC, that would be to LA.

All I am saying is that the Blazers need to clean house, they need a coaching change and some roster changes. This team and this franchise do not look like they are ready to compete for a title as Damien Lillard and CJ McCollum has always claimed for the past year.