Why are people hating on the Denver Broncos?

By Logan Allen Mintz
Sep. 22, 2017

Lets start of by saying that NFL fans almost never backup their outrageous claims with any stats. Most of the time if they do it would be some stat that held no importance to the situation. The Denver Broncos are one of the elite teams in the NFL but lack the respect they deserve. Why's that you say? Maybe a defense many say is #1 in the league(especially after the cowboys game). Also Trevor Siemian coming to his own. Although he has not reached elite status he has shown to be a QB that can keep the Broncos in the game. This is also Trevor first real season as the Starter right out of the gate. With help from the o-line improving with the drafting of Bolles and adding of Watson. Matt Paradis definitely helps a whole lot. CJ Anderson playing like he has he has proven to be a above average RB in this league when healthy. Now when it comes to the WRs there is no debate the the Broncos have the best WR duo in the league. The supporting cast in definitely sub par. TE is absolutely a position we don't really have at all. Jake Butt was a great pick IF he could come back from the injury he sustained at Michigan. The defense as dominant as it is there are weaknesses like the run defense. The D-line isn't what it was in years past without Malik Jackson who you can definitely see made a huge impact on the team. Still is making an impact with the Jaguars. With all that said i think people still don't disrespect the Broncos for some reason. I cant fully explain why. Haters? Doubters? We don't know, but the Broncos looked poised to start the season 3-0 going to Buffalo for their week 3 match up.