Balling Up In Bean Town

The Boston Celtics are dominating in the Eastern Conference finals so far after playing two games at the TD Garden. The Boston Celtics have been leading by 13 points in game two and 25 points in game one. It clearly shows that the Boston Celtics are the better team so far, but the series is not over yet. The Boston Celtics still have to travel to Cleveland and take on the Cavaliers at home. One of the most talented players in the NBA has been having a difficult start in the Eastern Conference Finals. Lebron James Is one of the most talented players right now in the NBA even a Hall of Famer. Tonight with 42 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds in game two, and in game one with 15 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds. It seems the NBA star seems to be in not quite himself. Even when Lebron James makes mistakes in the previous game he will fix his mistakes the next day. Which is what he did by going to the Garden earlier that day. Now the Boston Celtics have seemed to be the better team. With Young players such as Jayson Tatum, Marcus Morris, Al Horford, Jayln Brown, Terry Rozier, are showing they belong in this playoff run. Also having their stars players out for the rest of the season with Kyrie Irving out with a knee injury since March and having recent surgery and Gordon Hayward with an ankle injury from game one of the season. The Boston Celtics and head coach Brad Stevens are showing they are legit.

Now I am not particularly a Basketball guy I'm the hockey guy a hardcore Boston Bruins fan. But When it Comes to the Playoff run in Boston I'm like any other Bostonian fan. Cheering on the city that we love.

The city of the champions. We always go crazy over our Boston sports. Whether you are at the TD Garden, Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium we go hardcore. Now I may be getting ahead of myself but will this Be the Celtics year without our Start players. Will the young top players get the job done? Will Scary Terry, Marcus Morris, Jayln Brown Jayson Tatum and the rest of the Boston Celtics team tear it up in Clevland in the next two games? I believe it. Now I am not Expert when it comes to the Boston Celtics and the NBA but I do think Lebron James time in Cleveland is officially done. He doesn't seem to be happy where he is anymore. He came back to Cleveland and won his hometown a Championship title in the year 2016. My personal opinion is that I think Cleveland will go home in game 5 in the eastern conference finals. The Boston Celtics are the younger team but they are playing better giving more points on the board and showing more team Chemistry. Also on the Coaching side, Brad Stevens is showing that he and his Boston Celtics team want to show they can beat anyone even without there Star players. "Celtics Rise Up"