Boston Bruins NON Practice Plan Didn't Help them Prepare For Wednesday Nights Game after 5-6 Loss

Wednesday Night Janurary 18, 2017 the Boston Bruins were up against the Detroit Red Wings with a 5-6 loss. As the Boston Bruins were out skating the Detroit Red Wings, With Goals scored by Frank Vatrano, Brandon Carlo,  Patrice Bergeron, and  Adam McQuaid. The fight that the Boston Bruins made, the Detroit Red Wings stepped up their game in the 2nd and third period and by ending the game with a victory. The Boston Bruins are Ranked 11th in League right now. With 48 Game points, 23 wins and 19 loses and the Detroit Red Wings are ranked 24th in the league with 45 Game points, 20 wins 19 loses two teams that are clearly not in the worst spot in the middle of the 2016 -2017 so far this season. This doesn't bother me as much as what has been bothering me this  week so far. As you know that the Bruins played Monday after noon January 16, 2017 on Martin Luther King Day at 1pm against the New York Islanders who are not to far from last place with 42 Game points, 17 wins and 17 loses. The New York Islanders had a 4-0 victory against the Boston Bruins Monday afternoon. Now this is what bothered me the most. After a loss Monday after noon instead of preparing for Wednesday nights game. The Boston Bruins decide instead of practicing Tuesday, they decided to regroup and have a day to themselves. My personal opinion after an embarrassing loss from a team that is close to last place with a 4-0 loss you should be lacing up those skates and fixing those mistakes and resetting on the ice. If this was a victory I wouldn't have a problem with this, but this is my personal opinion agree with me or disagree with me. It certainly didn't help the Bruins tonight's game after a 5-6 loss in a shootout. Now the Boston Bruins play Friday night at 7:00pm at Home in the TD Garden Vs the Chicago Blackhawks. Now the Chicago Blackhawks are Ranked 5th in the league with 47 game points, 28 wins and 14 loses. The Chicago Blackhawks are a very talented team. This will be a tough match up for the Boston Bruins. I hope they are More prepared Friday night on January 20, 2017 then they have been this week. With having morning skate practices, workouts and anything else to help prepare the Bruins for this match up Friday night.