This is Not Revenge For TB12 Its Revenge For The Fans

This has been another successful year for the New England Patriots, including the games where the great Tom Brady had to sit out for four weeks. Another AFC Championship for Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. Now moving on to the Super bowl that will be held on Sunday night February 5, 2017. 

Now as a New England Fan looking forward to the Super bowl, we all think that the great quarterback Tom Brady will be seeking revenge after his four week punishment, but Reading through articles, it seems that this is not the case. Tom Brady is taking the Gentlemen way out of this situation, it was said that he is wining for himself, his family, his teammates, his coaches and most important the fans. Well done TB12 be the bigger man in this situation take the gentlemen way out. 

Well  you want to know my personal opinion, I would be hungry for revenge, who wouldn't. Let me ask you all a question. Wouldn't you all feel the same way? Being the most talented quarterback in the NFL and sitting for the first four weeks of the NFL season for a case that was already closed a year ago. I would have every urge to wipe that smile off of Roger Goodell face. After a fifth super Bowl victory saying, "hey Mr. Goodell I always win". I know I would, as well as  the rest of New England. 

This is the last thing that would be on Tom Brady's mind. TB12 is staying focus and preparing for the biggest game of the season. He has two weeks to prepare for it and nothing will distract him. So Sunday Night February 5, 2017 sit down and Watch the Legend quarterback make history because we all know this is going to be the greatest game of this NFL season. Let the New England Patriots Fans focus on hating  Roger Goodell, let Tom Brady stay focus on being the Best Quarterback of our time.