Patriots Parade Victory/Bruins Head Coach History

You all heard it Boston fans, head coach Claude Julien is no longer a part of the Bruins organization.  I can say that Boston Bruins fans could see this coming, to some of you this decision should have been made years ago but it has become a reality, also one of the top head coaches in the NHL. Head Coach Claude Julien has been with the Boston Bruins Organization for ten seasons, has a Stanley Cup Championship in 2011, and has been in the playoffs several times.  Claude Julien has been a successful coach for the Boston Bruins for many years but it is officially  time for some changes. 

So I get that Don Sweeney had to make this change and let Claude Julien go. The Boston Bruins are ranked 18th in the entire league, has played 55 games  with 26 wins and 23 losses. With it being the month of February the Boston Bruins are more than half way through their regular season. They are in a tough spot fans , right now 3rd in the wild card spot. In this case the Boston Bruins need to step up for the rest of the regular season in order to make a playoff spot. With that being said The Boston Bruins former assistant coach and new head coach Bruce Cassidy needs to step up to the plate and help the Bruins out make some adjustments and make something work. 

Now what bothered me the most about this news is not that the Bruins front office fired Claude Julien, but  the timing  of announcement that Claude Julien was no longer part of the Boston Bruins Organization. This was announced the same day as the New England Patriots parade and held the press conference while the parade was going on. Also another fact is that the parade was running late and guess what the press conference was late as well.

My reaction is "Why Why Why"? Out of all days of the week Tuesday,  the same exact day as the New England Patriots parade and the press conference being held at the same time. This was suppose to be a day of celebration. We were all focused about the New England Patriots. The front office couldn't wait till 2:00pm,  3:00pm,  4:00pm or another time or day.  Now I understand you would need the practice with the new coac,h but if you did it Monday you  could of had practice Tuesday, Wednesday,  and morning skate on Thursday before game time. This was plenty of time to get the Bruins team ready for upcoming game. In my personal opinion this was a low blow on the the front office of the Boston Bruins.  In all defense you seriously couldn't of wait or do it a day earlier. Seriously,  you know better, and like I said I completely understand changes need to be made. Also this hasn't been the first time they did a move like this from the Bruins front office. They  also fired GM Peter Chiarelli the same day as Former Patriots Arron Hernandez was pleaded guilty, and they also traded Tyler Sequin on the fourth of July.  Another two days of celebration and breaking news in the sports media.  Agree with me or  disagree with me, I'm most certain alot of you Boston Bruins Fans are pretty mad about the way the news was approached.  I'd say this doesn't look good on Boston Bruins organization. 

On a positive note, Claude Julien was  a successful coach and lead us to a Stanley Cup Championship. We wish Best of luck in your future.