Fuller's Top 50 MLB Free Agents

1. Gerrit Cole, SP, 29, Astros - New York Yankees (12/11 UPDATE: Signed with the New York Yankees for 9yr/$324M)

It's not hard to see why Cole will become the highest-paid pitcher of all time: his 2.50 ERA and 326 Strikeouts in 2019 led the American League, and he only missed out on the Cy Young to his teammate Justin Verlander. He's an ace on any team, and it's pretty much confirmed he'll shatter Stephen Strasburg's new 7-year/$245 million deal with a figure over $300 million total. The Yankees seem to be the highest bidder right now, with the Angels, Astros, and Dodgers all showing very high interest as well. The Yanks are willing to pay and GM Brian Cashman is probably willing to outbid anyone else vying for Cole's services, so unless there's an ulterior motive more significant than salary that rises among the forthcoming negotiations, Cole should suit up in the vintage black-and-white pinstripes next season.

2. Anthony Rendon, 3B, 29, Nationals - Los Angeles Dodgers (12/12 UPDATE: Signed with the Los Angeles Angels for 7yr/$245)

Rendon hit over .300 for the third straight season in 2019, also notching his first All-Star appearance and career highs in OPS (1.010) and RBI's (NL-leading 126). The Dodgers have the cash to give Rendon a big seven-year deal like his agent Scott Boras wants, and Rendon would get to play for a contender again. The Angels have entered the Rendon sweepstakes, joining the Rangers and Braves as teams who have some ground to catch up if they want to pry Rendon away from landing in Chavez Ravine. Barring a bold move by another GM, L.A. will be getting another star for 2020.

3. Stephen Strasburg, SP, 31, Nationals - Re-signed with Washington (7yr/$245M)

It was honestly difficult seeing Strasburg land anywhere else, and Washington made a statement by giving him a record-breaking contract for a pitcher with another All-Star in Anthony Rendon set to leave in free agency. The once-shut-down flamethrower of a starter led the NL in Wins (18) and Innings (209) in 2019, and Washington wasn't letting him escape their World Series-winning rotation.

4. Madison Bumgarner, SP, 30, Giants - Minnesota Twins (12/15 UPDATE: Signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 5yr/$85M)

Bumgarner had a four-year span (2013-2016) with four All-Star nods, four top-ten Cy Young finishes, all while throwing 199 or more strikeouts and an ERA never over 3.00. Since then, he's thrown a 3.57 ERA with more wins than losses and an average of just 138 K's a season. A career-high 3.90 ERA in 2019 isn't a plus on the negotiating table, but suitors will be looking for Bumgarner to regain his old form and chalk it up as an "environmental" issue. The Dodgers aren't in the race for Gerrit Cole, so there's a good chance they'd be willing to cough up the money for a division rival. The Twins brought back Jake Odorizzi and Michael Pineda, and with the departure of Kyle Gibson, they have the rotation spot (and the ambition as an AL Central contender) for MadBum. The Braves have reported interest, and I wouldn't be shocked if the Brewers were linked in the days to come, but I feel that Minnesota will most likely be the first to offer Bumgarner a 5+ year, $100+ Million deal like he reportedly wants.

5. Josh Donaldson, 3B, 34, Braves - Texas Rangers (1/14 UPDATE: Signed with the Minnesota Twins for 4yr/$92M)

The former 2015 AL MVP managed to rip 37 Homers and 94 RBI's in a fully healthy 2019 campaign with Atlanta. While he's more than capable of providing power to any lineup, he also hasn't hit above .270 in three seasons and at 34, he isn't going to get much better. The Third Baseman market is interesting because Anthony Rendon is still available, Kris Bryant is being shopped around by Chicago and assuming Washington won't splurge on bringing Rendon back in, the Nationals could very well be favorites to sign Donaldson. The Braves could bring him back as well, and the Rangers could fill Adrian Beltre's old spot. The Angels might make a run if they don't progress with Rendon, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Brewers, Phillies, and Twins linked with Donaldson soon either. Texas just traded Nomar Mazara and don't look like favorites to land Rendon, so my money's on the Rangers right now.

6. Yasmani Grandal, C, 31, Brewers - Signed with the Chicago White Sox (4yr/$73M)

Grandal was a huge piece for the Brewers' miracle playoff push in September, and as the only star Catcher on the market, I knew it would be hard to see him return to Cream City. Was I expecting the South Side Sox to give him over $18 million a year right at the opening of free agency? Absolutely not, but that's another good piece on a rapidly developing White Sox roster. Power move, Rick Hahn. Power move.

7. Zack Wheeler, SP, 29, Mets - Signed with the Philadelphia Phillies (5yr/$118M)

Wheeler missed two full seasons of baseball and has only reached 30 starts in a season twice, so I was surprised to see a career 3.77 ERA pitcher nab a 5-year, $118 million deal with the division-rival Phillies. Yes, he's only 29, but an average salary of $23.6 million is a LOT for a guy who's never reached 200 K's or 13 Wins in a season. Prove me wrong, Zack.

8. Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP, 33, Dodgers - Los Angeles Dodgers (12/23 UPDATE: Signed with the Tampa Bay Rays for 4yr/$80M)

The 2019 NL Cy Young runner-up has an incredible stat line over the past two seasons: 21-8, 2.21 ERA and 252 K's in 265 Innings. While Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner will get the headlines, there are a LOT of teams in on Ryu. First off, the Dodgers want to bring him back to their star-studded starting rotation. Yasmani Grandal has tried to recruit him to the White Sox, the Twins have "heavy interest", somehow the Blue Jays are linked, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cubs, Cardinals, and Brewers mentioned soon. Assuming the Twins get Madison Bumgarner in this scenario, the most likely landing spot is probably staying home in Los Angeles.

9. Nick Castellanos, RF/3B, 28, Cubs - San Francisco Giants (1/27 UPDATE: Signed with the Cincinnati Reds for 4yr/$64M)

Castellanos tore it up after being acquired by Chicago last year, ripping .321 and ending the season with a career-high 27 Homers. The Cubs are strapped for cash, but they'd definitely want to bring him back. The White Sox are also interested in him filling Avisail Garcia's old spot, but he actually already has a top bidder that makes sense: the Giants. The Bay loves having a right-handed corner outfield who can hit for contact and power (Hunter Pence?), and Castellanos fits that bill perfectly.

10. Marcell Ozuna, OF, 29, Cardinals - Cincinnati Reds (1/21 UPDATE: Signed with the Atlanta Braves for $1yr/$18M)

Ozuna is a couple years removed from his monster .312/37/124-plus-a-Gold-Glove season, but he still offers 30+ homer-like power in a fully healthy season. The Cardinals probably want to bring him back, and the Braves, White Sox, Diamondbacks and Reds will be really happy if they don't. The reports are that Cincinnati is ramping up interest, and the White Sox just acquired Nomar Mazara from the Rangers to most likely play Right Field, so I'll go with a division rival in Cincy on this one.

11. Didi Gregorius, SS, 30, Yankees - Signed with the Philadelphia Phillies (1yr/$14M)

Gregorius missed half of 2019 due to injury and didn't hit well for contact (.238), but he flashed 30+ HR potential and his fielding combined with the power was enough for Philly to pull the trigger on a 1-year, $14 million deal. Compared to similarly-valued players, that's a pretty good deal for an everyday starter at the "6".

12. Dallas Keuchel, SP, 32, Braves - Chicago White Sox (12/21 UPDATE: Signed with the Chicago White Sox for 3yr/$55.5M)

The 2015 AL Cy Young hasn't quite found his old form since his 2017 All-Star year (20-19, 3.74 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 6.9 K/9), and at 32 there's a good chance he doesn't have any ace material left in his arm. Still, he's an upper-rotation lefty that a lot of teams could use. Both the White Sox and Cubs have been linked, although the latter would most likely have to move some money around. The Twins, Braves, Giants, Royals and Cardinals would makes sense too, and I'm surprised my hometown Brewers haven't been in the conversation. The current comps market-wise are to Mark Buehrle, and that alone might be enough for White Sox GM Rick Hahn to pull the trigger and add Keuchel to a team already bearing two big acquisitions in Yasmani Grandal and Marcell Ozuna (the latter still being hypothetical, of course).

13. Mike Moustakas, 3B, 31, Brewers - Signed with the Cincinnati Reds (4yr/$64M)

Like I mentioned earlier, I was expecting Grandal would be difficult to bring back to Milwaukee, but not Moustakas. However, Cincinnati put their money where their needs were right at the opening of free agency and Moustakas couldn't turn down a 4-year, $64 million deal after back-to-back years on one-and-done contracts. He's no longer playing on a contender, but he also played enough years in Kansas City where he doesn't care as much as some other players might.

14. Will Smith, RP, 30, Giants - Signed with the Atlanta Braves (3yr/$40M)

Smith was one of my favorite Brewers, and I'm glad he finally got a shot to be a closer in 2019 after years of being the 8th-inning man. Smith went 6-0, 34/38 on Saves and posted a 2.76 ERA in his first All-Star season ever, and the bullpen-needy Braves pounced on the reliable lefty early in free agency with a 3-year, $40 million deal too good to pass up. I don't know if he'll be the closer for Atlanta in 2020, but he'll be an important arm on a Braves team capable of making a deep playoff run next year.

15. Cole Hamels, SP, 36, Cubs - Signed with the Atlanta Braves (1yr/$18M)

Hamels turns 36 at the end of the month and hasn't reached 12 Wins, a sub-3.75 ERA or 190 Strikeouts in three seasons. This being said, he's still a somewhat-reliable, middle-rotation lefty with a healthy track record and playoff experience, and that was enough for Atlanta to pull the trigger on a 1-year, $18 million show-me deal for 2020. It's about what a qualifying offer would be for a top-end pitcher, so while it's a bit more money than I'd ever offer Hamels, it's also a relatively low-risk deal for rotation security.

16. Yasiel Puig, RF, 29, Indians - Chicago White Sox

Puig hasn't made an All-Star game since 2014, but he's an eerily-consistent hitter (Mean of 142 Games, .267 Avg., 25 HR, 74 RBI's and .811 OPS) with a cannon of an arm from Right Field. The Indians could bring him back, but I haven't heard of any connections to a Cleveland return yet. The White Sox, Rays, Cubs, Giants, Angels, Cardinals, and Royals all make sense, as most have a Right Field need and could afford Puig's price range. I think even with the Sox acquiring Nomar Mazara, they might be the best landing spot for Puig. The Cuban defector is a tough one to predict, as half of the league could suddenly turn up interest.

17. Tanner Roark, SP, 33, A's - Toronto Blue Jays (12/13 UPDATE: Signed with the Toronto Blue Jays for 2yr/$24M)

Roark hasn't thrown below a 4.34 ERA in three seasons, but he also posted a career-high 8.6 K/9 ratio in 2019. He's a sturdy, more affordable mid-rotation arm that could fill a lot of team's holes. The Blue Jays, Astros, and Mets have all been linked, and Toronto has a bit of money and arguably the biggest need for Roark's services. I'm penciling Roark in for landing north of the border.

18. Brett Gardner, OF, 36, Yankees - New York Yankees (12/12 UPDATE: Re-Signed with the New York Yankees for 1yr/$12.5M)

Gardner's played his whole career as a Yankee, and in a season where he turned 36, he hit a career-high 28 Homers. I'm sure he's going to drop off somewhat this season, but New York OF Aaron Hicks is out indefinitely and how awesome would it be for the pinstripes to keep a guy for his entire career? Gardner's probably more than willing to take a short-term deal at this point in his career, and the Yankees should a World Series contender in 2020, so re-signing makes far too much sense.

19. Avisail Garcia, RF, 28, Rays - Miami Marlins (12/16 UPDATE: Signed with the Milwaukee Brewers for 2yr/$20M)

Garcia hasn't played nearly as well as his 2017 All-Star season with a whopping .330 Average, but he did hit a career-high 20 Homers in a competitive Rays lineup in 2019. There's a good chance the Rays will try to woo him back to St. Pete, but the Marlins will try to bring him further south. The Cubs and Brewers have also been linked. The Diamondbacks make sense, but I haven't seen them connected with Garcia whatsoever. Miami has some cash to move, and I see them willing to get competitive for Garcia's services this Winter.

20. Will Harris, RP, 35, Astros - Los Angeles Dodgers (1/2 UPDATE: Signed with the Washington Nationals for 3yr/$24M)

Harris has quietly become a highly-valued reliever, throwing a career-best 1.50 ERA in 60 Innings for the AL-winning Houston Astros. There's a chance the Astros cough up enough money to keep the veteran around, but other teams like the Dodgers, Cubs and Mets could pull him out of the Lone Star State. Out of these teams, the Dodgers probably have the most cash and arguably the biggest need for Harris' services, so I'm leaning for L.A. to add another low-ERA arm to its staff.

21. Michael Pineda, SP, 31, Twins - Re-signed with the Minnesota Twins (2yr/$20M)

Pineda's missed three of the last eight seasons with injuries, but he had a decent return in 2019 in his first year with Minnesota (11-5, 4.01 ERA, 140 K's in 146 Innings). Average his numbers out across a full season and Pineda projects to be a pretty decent mid-rotation arm, and that's exactly why Minnesota brought him back on a 2-year, $20 million deal. Honestly, I'm not sure he would've gotten much more than that on the open market for a pitcher who hasn't thrown under a 4.00 ERA in a full season since his rookie year.

22. Dellin Betances, RP, 31, Yankees - New York Mets (12/23 UPDATE: Signed with the New York Mets for 1yr/$10.5M)

Betances only pitched two-thirds of an inning in 2019 before being shut down for a partially torn Achilles tendon. The four-time All-Star has a career ERA of 2.36 and has zero issues not being a team's closer, something very attractive to potential suitors. I'm not sure what Betances' timeline to return is, as I've never seen a 6'8", 265-pound pitcher return from an Achilles tear, which makes him a high-risk, high-reward free agent. The Yankees could re-sign him, but they haven't shown any explicit interest in doing that. The Dodgers and Twins are both linked. He could reunite with Joe Girardi and join the Phillies, and the crosstown rival Mets are both the interest and the capital. Rumor has it Betances is looking for a one-year try-me deal before landing with someone long-term, and I believe the Mets are both flexible and willing enough to give Betances what he wants.

23. Wade Miley, SP, 33, Astros - Milwaukee Brewers (12/17 UPDATE: Signed with the Cincinnati Reds for 2yr/$15M)

On a pitching staff featuring Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Zack Greinke, a starting arm like Wade Miley might be a forgotten one. Still, he's 19-8 with a 3.52 ERA and 190 K's in 248 Innings over the past two seasons, and a lot of rotations could use a reliable lefty arm. The Astros could give him another run at a title, and the Mets, Brewers, Phillies, Pirates, Blue Jays, Royals and Twins could all be realistic landing spots. Miley was incredible in Milwaukee (2.57 ERA), and with Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Lyles and Junior Guerra all set to leave, this type of deal for a veteran, back-of-the-rotation arm is exactly the type of signing GM David Stearns would pull.

24. Julio Teheran, SP, 29, Braves - New York Mets (12/20 UPDATE: Signed with the Los Angeles Angels for 1yr/$9M)

Teheran's numbers don't pop off the charts (Mean over last 3 seasons: 10-11, 4.09 ERA, 158 K's, 1.290 WHIP, 2.1 WAR), but he's consistent, healthy and relatively young among other free agent starters. There's a chance the Braves keep Teheran as a career Atlanta player, but if they don't, the Mets, Royals, Cubs, Tigers, Angels, and Giants would all enjoy his services. Out of all of those teams, staying in the division with New York and replacing Zack Wheeler for less money is arguably the most sensible prediction to be made. He's definitely a fit on many teams across the league, so Teheran could easily land anywhere across the country.

25. Kyle Gibson, SP, 32, Twins - Signed with the Texas Rangers (3yr/$30M)

Gibson isn't a big statistical target (Mean over last 5 seasons: 10-10, 4.41 ERA, 142 K's, 1.412 WHIP, 1.6 WAR), but he's a reliable righty for the 3-5 spots in a lot of potential teams' rotations. It must have been the reliability that led Texas to offering Gibson a 3-year, $30 Million deal; otherwise I have no idea why the Rangers would give $10 Million a season to a bottom-rotation player in a well-stacked starting pitching free agent class.

26. Corey Dickerson, LF, 30, Phillies - St. Louis Cardinals (12/29 UPDATE: Signed with the Miami Marlins for 2yr/$17.5M)

Dickerson hit .300 or better in 2018 and 2019, and rocked a career-high 27 Homers during his lone All-Star campaign of 2017. I'm not sure how much interest the Phillies have in bringing him back, and there's interest in a corner outfielder a year removed from a 3.8 WAR season. The Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals, Marlins, and Reds would all be sensible destinations. Out of those teams, the Cardinals still have to replace Marcell Ozuna and Dickerson makes sense in Left for St. Louis, especially with how they like to rotate their outfielders. I'm also assuming the Cardinals can give Dickerson a better number than the Marlins.

27. Travis d'Arnaud, C, 31, Rays - Signed with the Atlanta Braves (2yr/$16M)

D'Arnaud only played 4 games for the Mets in 2018 and then was shuffled between three teams in 2019, for a final line of .251/16/69. He's a decent starting catching option, but in this market he's the second-best catcher behind Yasmani Grandal. Given his injury history, the 2-year, $16 million deal he signed with Atlanta makes sense for both parties.

28. Howie Kendrick, UT, 36, Nationals - Re-signed with the Washington Nationals (1yr/$6.25M)

Honestly, I thought Kendrick would retire after winning his first World Series at 36. If he still wanted to play another season, I suppose the best move would be to return to who gave him his first ring. He played First Base, Left Field and Second Base for the Nats last year, and his 1-year/$6.25 Million new deal is a pretty penny for what should most likely be his swan song season.

29. Edwin Encarnacion, DH, 37, Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays (12/25 UPDATE: Signed with the Chicago White Sox for 1yr/$12M)

Encarnacion may be relegated to DH-only duties after turning 37 before the 2020 campaign, but his power is still there: he hasn't hit under 30 Homers in a season since 2011. With Aaron Hicks out indefinitely, there's a chance the Yankees bring him back for another year. MLB Network's Jon Heyman reported that 5 AL teams have expressed interest in Encarnacion, and with his positional setup, it's hard to see him playing for an NL squad. Out of all the teams with potential DH needs, the Blue Jays could also use some innings covering at first (sorry Rays, Orioles, White Sox, and Indians). All three of Encarnacion's All-Star appearances were as a Blue Jay, and there's a very good chance he adds to the eight seasons he spent north of the border.

30. Chris Martin, RP, 33, Braves - Re-signed with the Atlanta Braves (2yr/$14M)

Martin's best season came right before free agency: his 3.40 ERA is astoundingly better than his 5.31 career ERA heading into 2019. His K/9 ratio also rose from a career 8.0 to 10.5 last year, a huge improvement in a major stat for relievers. Atlanta acquired Martin at the trade deadline last summer, and the Braves liked him so much they gave him a 2-year, $14 million deal on November 19th to prevent him from signing elsewhere.

31. Daniel Hudson, RP, 32, Nationals - Washington Nationals (1/6 UPDATE: Re-Signed with the Washington Nationals for 2yr/$11M)

Between Toronto and Washington last season, Daniel Hudson tallied a 2.47 ERA and 1.137 WHIP - both career-highs as a reliever. He also flexed his clutch gene as one of D.C.'s most dependable bullpen arms during their World Series-winning playoff run. The Nationals could very well bring him back, but if they don't, the Mets, Marlins, Red Sox, and Twins would all love his services. Washington GM Mike Rizzo said he wants to bolster his bullpen after finishing off the rotation by re-signing Stephen Strasburg, and there might not be any better arm to do it than their own. Plus, Hudson clinched the World Series title for you, think of the fan opinion if you bring him back!

32. Robinson Chirinos, C, 35, Astros - Houston Astros (1/7 UPDATE: Signed with the Texas Rangers for 1yr/$6.75M)

After five years as the backup catcher in Texas, Chirinos finally earned the starting job in 2018 and then switched from Arlington to Houston and handled starting reps behind the plate for the AL-winning Astros in 2019. His 2019 WAR (3.9) was a career-high, but he's also 35. There's a good chance the Astros will give him a decent offer, but the Rangers are interested in a reunion too. The Pirates, Tigers, and Reds have also been linked, but honestly, it probably won't matter if Houston provides enough cash to bring him back.

33. Drew Pomeranz, P, 31, Brewers - Signed with the San Diego Padres (2yr/$16M)

Pomeranz was having an awful year as a starter in San Francisco (2-9, 5.68 ERA), but a move to Milwaukee and a switch to the bullpen essentially resurrected his free agency market, throwing a 2.39 ERA and 45 K's in 26 innings of relief. A lot of bullpens could use a lefty who can handle multiple innings if need be, and San Diego was interested enough to give him a 2-year, $16 million offer Pomeranz couldn't refuse. I'd stick to the bullpen, Drew.

34. Rick Porcello, P, 31, Red Sox - San Francisco Giants (12/12 UPDATE: Signed with the New York Mets for 1yr/$10M)

Porcello has led his league in Wins (2016), Losses ('17), Hits Surrendered (2012 & '17), Home Runs Allowed ('17) and Hit Batters (2018), but he's also never made fewer than 27 starts in a season. Porcello's good for teams looking to bolster the back end of their rotation with veterans who will stay healthy. The Red Sox could very well bring him back, but his 5.52 ERA in 2019 hasn't left him too many fans in Massachusetts. The Mets, Giants, Padres, Cubs, Braves, Blue Jays and Royals would all make sense on a buy-low deal, and out of those teams, I see San Francisco offering the most potential for success (and enough cash to outbid other low-ballers).

35. Steve Cishek, RP, 33, Cubs - Boston Red Sox (1/7 UPDATE: Signed with the Chicago White Sox for 1yr/$6M)

Although Cishek hasn't been a closer since 2016, he's thrown four seasons of sub-3.00 ERA ball in relief. The Cubs could offer him a new deal, but I haven't heard anything about Theo Epstein considering bringing him back. The Marlins would be interested in a reunion, and the Nationals, Twins, Red Sox and Phillies have all been linked. Cishek is a Massachusetts native and he'd play a crucial role in what is a relatively weak bullpen in Boston, so I'm penciling in a switch to Fenway Park.

36. Rich Hill, SP, 40, Dodgers - Los Angeles Dodgers (12/31 UPDATE: Signed with the Minnesota Twins for 1yr/$3M)

First off, Rich Hill is old. There aren't a lot of players who switch from the bullpen to the starting rotation in their 30's, but that's exactly what Hill did, and it's safe to say it's paid off: 41-20, 2.91 ERA, a 1.055 WHIP and 553 K's in 86 starts. He's recovering from an elbow injury and will turn 40 during spring training, so a long-term deal isn't in the works, but the Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels all remain potential landing spots. While he could realistically end up with any of the three, he's already familiar with the Dodgers staff and medical team, so for a player expected to miss the first half of the season with an injury, staying with what's been working makes the most sense.

37. Hunter Pence, RF/DH, 36, Rangers - Texas Rangers (2/7 UPDATE: Signed with the San Francisco Giants for 1yr/$3M)

Pence has had an injury bug over the past couple of seasons, but he earned his 2019 All-Star nod by ripping a .297/18/59 line in just 83 games. Now in the back half of his 30's, it's getting near the time to move him to DH full-time. Texas just traded Nomar Mazara, opening up even more playing time in both Right Field and DH, and while the Tigers, Rays and Blue Jays would all make sense, his best bet may just be staying with his hometown Rangers.

38. Starlin Castro, 2B, 29, Marlins - Philadelphia Phillies (1/4 UPDATE: Signed with the Washington Nationals for 2yr/$12M)

While the Marlins sucked last year, Castro quietly had a great 2019 campaign (162 Games, .270/22/86 line). His WAR was only 0.8, and he doesn't offer much defensively, but he can cover at Shortstop and Third Base and playing in all 162 games is impressive. The Nationals, Phillies and Mets could all use him at different spots in the infield, and despite just acquiring Didi Gregorius, Philadelphia's potential reps at both Second and Third Base may be the best formula for Castro in 2020.

39. Alex Wood, SP, 29, Reds - Los Angeles Angels (1/12 UPDATE: Signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for 1yr/$4M)

Wood had an incredible 2017 All-Star campaign (16-3, 2.72 ERA), dropped off a bit in 2018 (9-7, 3.68 ERA) and had a very rough 2019 in Cincinnati (1-3, 5.80 ERA in 7 starts). Assuming this past year was mostly related to injury, he should be a sub-4.00 ERA pitcher again with his new team, and at 29 he's younger than a lot of other mid-rotation free agents. The Reds could bring him back and give him a healthy chance, but I haven't heard any rumors about re-signing in Cincy. The Phillies, Royals, Mets, Giants, Yankees, Twins, Cardinals, Angels, and hell, even the Dodgers would make sense. Wood likes L.A. and the Halos still need starting help after the Anthony Rendon deal, so I'm penciling in Wood for a different team in La La Land this time around.

40. Kole Calhoun, RF, 32, Angels - Texas Rangers (12/23 UPDATE: Signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 2yr/$16M)

Calhoun hasn't reached .250 since 2016, but he also cranked a career-high 33 Homers in 2019. He's a sixth or seventh hitter in most lineups, but with the Angels declining his $14 million option, it won't be with the Halos next year. The Brewers, Reds, Marlins, Rangers, and Diamondbacks all make sense for a power-first lefty corner Outfielder, and Texas just traded Nomar Mazara and might not bring back Hunter Pence. Plus, if anyone's done their homework on Calhoun, it's a divisional rival.

41. Todd Frazier, 3B, 34, Mets - Milwaukee Brewers (1/12 UPDATE: Signed with the Texas Rangers for 1yr/$5M)

After leaving Cincinnati as a hero, Frazier cranked 40 Homers with the White Sox in 2016. Since then, he hasn't reached 30 Homers in a season, all while only hitting .226. Still, he's a power threat in the back half of a lineup and a decent fielding Third Baseman. A return to the Mets is unlikely, as Jeff McNeil should be their full-time starter in the hot corner for 2020. His market has been pretty quiet, with the Brewers, Twins, Braves, and Cubs loosely linked. Out of those teams, Milwaukee let Mike Moustakas walk and non-tendered Travis Shaw, so their need is the greatest. Plus, they watched Frazier tear their pitching apart for more than a few seasons with the division rival Cincinnati.

42. Jose Iglesias, SS, 30, Reds - Baltimore Orioles (1/6 UPDATE: Signed with the Baltimore Orioles for 1yr/$3M)

Iglesias was a 2015 All-Star with the Tigers, and while he hasn't reached that level since, he still hit .288 and posted a career-high 11 Homers in 2019, all while holding his own defensively. I'm surprised there isn't more rumors on the Reds bringing him back, as he out-played Jose Peraza to start at his natural position again last season. The Yankees lost Didi Gregorius and the Orioles traded Jonathan Villar, and out of those two teams, Baltimore hasn't spent any money yet. If Iglesias is up for a rebuilding challenge... oh wait, who am I kidding, his last two teams were the Tigers and Reds. It's a done deal.

43. Ivan Nova, SP, 33, White Sox - Baltimore Orioles (1/14 UPDATE: Signed with the Detroit Tigers for 1yr/$1.5M)

Nova threw great stuff for Pittsburgh in the back-half of 2016 (5-2, 3.06 ERA, and an astonishing 17.3 K/BB ratio), but hasn't thrown under a 4.10 ERA since. He also led the AL in Hits Surrendered (225) last year while posting his worst WHIP (1.455) since 2014. At 33, he's probably a 4th starter, maybe 3rd starter on a bad team at best in 2020, but he's still a somewhat-reliable healthy veteran. There's a chance the White Sox bring him back to eat more innings, but I'm not sure he gels with the direction Rick Hahn is taking this team. The Orioles, Mets, Tigers, Royals, and Mariners would all makes sense, and out of those teams, Baltimore has been linked the most. Nova's one of those veterans that might not land on a team until the week before spring training, and it could honestly be any team looking for back-end competition, but I'm going with Baltimore for now.

44. Jonathan Schoop, 2B, 28, Twins - San Diego Padres (12/21 UPDATE: Signed with the Detroit Tigers for 1yr/$6.1M)

Schoop was incredible during his 2017 All-Star campaign (.293/32/105, 5.2 WAR), but 2018 was a down year (especially with the Brewers, where he only hit .202). His stats last year were pretty good (.256/23/59, 1.6 WAR), but his free agency market has been quiet. The Phillies, Nationals, Red Sox, Giants, Padres, and even a reunion with the Orioles are realistic landing spots. Out of those, San Diego could use an upgrade over Greg Garcia and add another power bat alongside new addition Tommy Pham.

45. Ben Zobrist, UT, 38, Cubs - Los Angeles Angels

Zobrist is a complicated free agency case because he could very well just retire any day now. If he does decide to continue his career, he's a trusted veteran who's only one year removed from hitting over .300, and he'll have his suitors. The Cubs could very well bring him back again, and they were respectful of his off-field issues in 2019. The Angels, Royals, A's, and Nationals all make sense too, and the Angels are willing to bring a veteran leader to help boost a lineup no longer featuring Zack Cozart or Kole Calhoun. If he plays in 2020, my money's on landing with the Halos.

46. Asdrubal Cabrera, IF, 34, Nationals - Washington Nationals (1/4 UPDATE: Re-Signed with the Washington Nationals for 1yr/$2.5)

Honestly, I don't know why Asdrubal Cabrera's market isn't larger. He can play second, third and Shortstop equally well, and he ripped a .323 average after landing in Washington at the trade deadline. The Nationals could very well bring him back, especially after letting Anthony Rendon walk. I would love for him to sign for cheap with the Brewers, but I already predicted Todd Frazier to Milwaukee earlier. The A's have also been linked, and they've been extremely quiet this offseason. Unless something heats up, a reunion with Washington makes the most sense.

47. Justin Smoak, 1B, 33, Blue Jays - Detroit Tigers (12/20 UPDATE: Signed with the Milwaukee Brewers for 1yr/$5M)

Smoak has power (85 HRs and 228 RBIs since 2017), but he hit an abysmal .208 average last year and his worst WAR (0.6) since 2016. He's a decent fielder and a switch-hitter, something the Brewers value big time at First Base. The Blue Jays could very well bring him back again, as they haven't done anything else yet to address his vacant starting spot. The Tigers also need a First Baseman and have been very quiet in free agency, and the Red Sox and Rays are linked as well. Out of those teams, I don't have anyone to Detroit yet and GM Al Avila hasn't spent any of his cash yet this winter.

48. Jordan Lyles, SP, 29, Brewers - Signed with the Texas Rangers (2yr/$16M)

Lyles' 2019 was a tale of two halves: the ugly Pittsburgh first half (5-7, 5.36 ERA, 1.470 WHIP) and the much-improved Brewers second half (7-1, 2.45 1.108 WHIP). His combined numbers (12-8, 4.15 ERA, 1.319 WHIP) is probably the best estimate on what he'll provide his next team, and the Texas Rangers made sure they were his next destination by wrapping him up on a 2-year, $16 million deal early in free agency.

49. Eric Thames, 1B/OF, 33, Brewers - Milwaukee Brewers (1/6 UPDATE: Signed with the Washington Nationals for 1yr/$4M)

In his three seasons in Milwaukee after returning from Korean baseball, Thames has averaged a .241/24/55 line. He's not going to hit much higher than sixth in the batting order for most teams, but he still provides a good pop of power, proven reliability as a pinch hitter and flexibility at four different positions. Brewers GM David Stearns said he's been in touch with Thames since free agency began. The Blue Jays are interested, and the Cardinals, Rays, and Red Sox make sense as well, but I have a feeling that the fan-favorite Thames re-signs on a cheaper deal than the non-tendered $7.5 million figure the Brewers balked on.

50. Arodys Vizcaino, RP, 29, Mariners - San Francisco Giants

Over the past three seasons, Vizcaino is 8-5 with a 2.53 ERA, a 1.144 WHIP, 31 Saves and a 9.9 K/9 ratio. That's pretty good, and he's a pretty reliable late-inning option who's a lot younger than many other late relievers on the market. His biggest question mark is his shoulder, which ended his 2019 campaign after only four games. Assuming he's ready to go, the Red Sox, Nationals, Marlins, Mets, Reds, and Giants are likely landing spots. San Francisco has a bit of money to work with, especially after letting MadBum walk, and they haven't added a pitcher yet. Joining a rising, rebuilding team may be exactly what Vizcaino needs to get back on track for late-inning duties.


Blake Treinen, RP, 31, A's - Los Angeles Dodgers (1yr/$10M)

Kevin Gausman, P, 29, Reds - San Francisco Giants (1yr/$9M)

Shogo Akiyama, OF, 31, Seibu (JAP) - Cincinnati Reds (3yr/$21M)

Homer Bailey, SP, 33, A's - Minnesota Twins (1yr/$7M)

Jason Castro, C, 32, Twins - Los Angeles Angels (1yr/$6.85M)

Cesar Hernandez, 2B, 29, Phillies - Cleveland Indians (1yr/$6.25M)

C.J. Cron, 1B/DH, 30, Twins - Detroit Tigers (1yr/$6.1M)

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, OF, 28, Yokohama (JAP) - Tampa Bay Rays (2yr/$12M)

Martin Perez, SP, 28, Twins - Boston Red Sox (1yr/$6M)

Sergio Romo, RP, 37, Twins - Minnesota Twins (1yr/$5M)

Brett Anderson, SP, 32, A's - Milwaukee Brewers (1yr/$5M)

Gio Gonzalez, SP, 34, Brewers - Chicago White Sox (1yr/$5M)

Craig Stammen, RP, 36, Padres - San Diego Padres (2yr/$9M)

Eric Sogard, IF, 33, Rays - Milwaukee Brewers (1yr/$4.5M)

Austin Romine, C/1B, 31, Yankees - Detroit Tigers (1yr/$4.15M)

Alex Gordon, LF, 36, Royals - Royals (1yr/$4M)

Travis Shaw, IF, 29, Brewers - Toronto Blue Jays (1yr/$4M)

Drew Smyly, SP, 30, Phillies - San Francisco Giants (1yr/$4M)

Brandon Kintzler, RP, 35, Cubs - Miami Marlins (1yr/$3.25)

Josh Lindblom, SP, 32, Doosan (KOR) - Milwaukee Brewers (3yr/$9.125M)

Jose Peraza, UT, 25, Reds - Boston Red Sox (1yr/$3M)

Michael Wacha, SP, 28, Cardinals - New York Mets (1yr/$3M)

Maikel Franco, 3B, 27, Phillies - Kansas City Royals (1yr/$2.95M)

Tyler Clippard, RP, 35, Indians - Minnesota Twins (1yr/$2.75M)

Junior Guerra, RP, 35, Brewers - Arizona Diamondbacks (1yr/$2.65M)

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, 35, Nationals - Washington Nationals (1yr/$2M)

Francisco Cervelli, C, 34, Braves - Miami Marlins (1yr/$2M)

Matt Wieters, C, 33, Cardinals - St. Louis Cardinals (1yr/$2M)

Pedro Strop, RP, 34, Cubs - Cincinnati Reds (1yr/$1.825M)

Tyler Anderson, SP, 30, Rockies - San Francisco Giants (1yr/$1.775M)

Alex Claudio, RP, 28, Brewers - Milwaukee Brewers (1yr/$1.75M)

Jimmy Nelson, P, 30, Brewers - Los Angeles Dodgers (1yr/$1.25M)

Brad Brach, RP, 33, Mets - New York Mets (2yr/$2.1M)

Adeiny Hechavarria, IF, 30, Braves - Atlanta Braves (1yr/$1M)