Cavaliers Expected to Sign Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut

Lebron James asked for a playmaker, and he may have just gotten one. Deron Williams is a former All-Star, and used to be a very legitimate threat to Chris Paul as the top Point Guard in the league just a few seasons ago. He was a phenomenal player in Utah, as well as some of the early years in New Jersey (now Brooklyn), but as age and injuries have started to take their toll on him, he has regressed. But the Cavs still want him after Dallas (expected to) drops him, on the hope that he still has a little juice left in the tank to help a Cavs team that looks poised to repeat as Champions, but still must go through the improved Toronto Raptors, as well as most probably the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. The fact that he'll be playing backup minutes behind Kyrie Irving doesn't hurt either, keeping his legs fresh for an extended postseason run.

Another player the Cavs are expected to sign is Andrew Bogut, the defensive Center who helped Golden State take down Lebron's Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals. Bogut was traded at the deadline from Dallas to Philadelphia in a move that brought Nerlens Noel to Dallas, and he is expected to be bought out by the 76ers any day. The Cavs have long desperately needed a good rim protector, and Bogut can be that man for them. He is a defensive specialist who does more for a team than is seen on the stat sheet, and that's what has kept him relevant all these years after a devastating elbow injury stripped him of some of his offensive skills. The Warriors made a decision to trade away Bogut to make room to sign Kevin Durant, which is not a bad decision by any means, as they signed one of the best players in the league. But Bogut's replacement in Golden State, Zaza Pachulia, while respectable, is no Andrew Bogut, and this may come to haunt them later in the playoffs. True, the NBA has changed into more of a small-ball league, which helps the Golden State Warriors and their nonstop perimeter shooting barrages, but every team needs a good rim protector, no matter the era. I believe Andrew Bogut, despite his shoddy health, can provide the rim protection the Cavs need to help them repeat as NBA champions.