Did the New York Rangers miss their window?

The Rangers dropped their first game in overtime on Tuesday to bring their record to 1-5-1 to start the season. Tonight their scoring wasn't the problem as they scored 4 in their overtime loss to the Penguins but the result may have masked their issue coming into this season. The Rangers are going to have trouble scoring this year. Coming into this game they were averaging just about 2 goals a game and future hall of fame goaltender Henrik Lundvqist is starting to show his age which begs the question did the Rangers miss their window.

You hear people talk about team's "window" to win a championship, and the Rangers during the early 2010s may have been their window. Acquiring Rick Nash really started this process as Nash was still in the height of his powers when he was acquired. Star goaltender Henrik Lundvquist was consistently in the Vezina conversation with a defense anchored by Ryan McDonaugh, Marc Staal, and Dan Giraidi all at the height of their powers. Maybe the most impressive about this teams run was it was with John Tortorella and Alain Vingeault as coaches.

Between 2010 and 2015 the Rangers were consistently at the top of their division during the regular season and won at least one playoff round within those years. It included a Stanley Cup Final run in 2014 and two trips to the conference final in 2012 and 2015.

Fast forward to this year the Rangers don't have any centers, their defense is improved which should help them but they are going to have a hard time scoring goals unless the committee steps up. They used to rely on Rick Nash to do most of the scoring, continually scoring 30 goals a year but it will be much more scoring by committee which should be able to be done, but the question is have they missed their window. From my point of view the answer is YES.