Rangers need a change behind the bench

The Rangers are an interesting team to analyze, they have good pieces and they have a good former great goaltender but they need some tinkering if there going to open up their basically shut window to win a Stanley Cup and it should start with coach AV being kicked to the curb.

They made good strides after Torts with Vigneault coming in and becoming the positive coach after John Tortorella was let go. He took them to the cup final, mainly off the back of Martin St. Louis's magical run in the playoffs along with superstar goaltender at the time Henrik Lundvquist.

And this is not to say that Vigneault hasn't been successful in the regular season. He's never won less than 45 games in a season. In this scenario, the team needs a jump start after signing prize of the off season Kevin Shattenkirk. After an average start with 18 points and holding on to the last Wild Card Spot the Rangers are staying afloat for now but need a jolt if their going to realize their potential.